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Beautiful Antique Jewelry Profile

Ruby Lane Shop Rating: Bronze
Member Since: July 2013
Ruby Lane Exclusive: No
Items Added in Last 7 days: 0
Total Number of Items: 64
Vintage Fashion: 3
Vintage Collectibles: 1
Jewelry: 59
Silver: 1
The Ruby Lane Advantage - Quality Assurance
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To help insure buyers' confidence, we've developed a rating system based on completed sales as follows:

Platinum: 1000 or more sales
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Silver: 25 or more sales
Bronze: 5 or more sales
New or Unrated: Fewer than 5 sales. All of our shops, whether rated or not, must adhere to the same strict quality guidelines in order to remain open on our site. All new shops are unrated.

Our Service Pledge
We strive to be honest in our descriptions and accurately date the items we sell. The age of items are determined by the style of the item, the makers mark and\or hallmarks if present, the findings used to construct the item, how the stones were faceted, wear\patina, etc. As with fashion today, styles of jewelry were introduced and continued for a varying number of years, depending on the popularity of the style and the maker. Even then, a style sometimes experienced resurgence in popularity, which increased the number of years the style was found. Cut steel is a perfect example of a style that continued for decades. We have several gemologists we routinely work with. If we are ever unsure about the age or condition of an item, we have the item inspected by at least one of them, before listing the item for sale. If any condition items are noted during our inspection, we will include the details in the items description. Antique and vintage jewelry has been previously worn and enjoyed, and therefor will have signs of use and age.

All gemstone and diamond: colors, weights, and clarity are determined in the mounting, unless we note otherwise. This is done to preserve the item as much as possible. Since this determination is made in the mounting, the determinations are approximate and treatments to enhance the stone/pearl may not be identifiable. If a grading or value is provided on a written appraisal, please keep in mind that two different appraisers can come to two different conclusions. Grading is subject to many variables: Clarity, cut, fluorescence, inclusions, proportions, shape, weight, etc., and each stone is completely unique.

We employ the following methods to authenticate the items we sell:
loupe inspection,
acid tests (gold, silver, and platinum),
for all stones, we use the "Gemlogis CIEL 3-in-1 Electronic Diamond, Moissanite & Gemstone Tester", with the added "Gemlogis Pistachio Referential Meter", which analyzes simulants and colored gemstones.
We may also compare the item to other items, in our ever growing library of antique jewelry books.

If you ever have questions on an item, please don't hesitate to email us. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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