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About Us
Welcome to my shop where you will find an array of Vintage treasures, fashion accessories, handbags, quality vintage jewelry and interesting retro cuff links. I am always on the look out for pieces from the Old Orient - China, Japan, Hong Kong, and outlying islands. One of my greatest loves is retro kitchen items and kitchen copper and I have a few in stock, mostly they are too hard to part with! Please check out my Pinterest boards - 'The Retro Kitchen' and my other Pinterest boards, Cats!!!, Hats, What Every Baby Must Have, Artistic Water Life, and more!

For her wedding, my daughter-in-law made the most exquisite broach bouquet for her wedding and after helping her hunt down just the right memorable broaches to include, I'm still alert to special ones. How wonderful it is to embrace broach bouquet concept for weddings, it's a lovely way to capture the memory of one's life, family, relationship and that special wedding day AND preserve it without fading. How nice it will be to sit down with your child on a rainy day and share the family memories with them. In the process of the hunt, I also keep stumbling across some amazing handkerchiefs, wedding perfect and blue jewelry. Please take a look, hopefully you will find something perfect for your very special occasion. I also have a Pinterest Board, Vintage Broaches for Wedding Bouquets, you might enjoy.

Now that my son and daughter-in-law have had their first baby, I am on the hunt for unusual vintage and antique baby items - hard to find. Pinterest Board, What every Baby Must Have.

Antiques and beautiful objects have always been in my life, my first real job was in an antique shop off Union Street in San Francisco, and, with the Internet, life has come full circle. The hunt is my passion. The road less traveled has always been my road. Taking that occasional country road or an interesting alley less traveled is what has made collecting interesting, fun, and exciting for me. I love placing my treasures with wonderful new homes, every piece has a story.

I am always finding something a little out of the ordinary so please visit often and subscribe to my shop for notifications of new additions.