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"In art as in love, instinct is enough. " Anatole France

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Please, allow 1-2 days for processing your order. Time is money and we will respond promptly to all questions . All descriptions are done with accuracy to the best of our knowledge and we guarantee authenticity of our items. However, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you may simply return your purchase to us. View Ruby Lane Return Policy for more info.
About Us
We have a life interest in art in any possible variations, which brought us here. As we are growing in knowledge, it is a reward for us to pick and save anything beautiful that comes along the road. Needless to say, that we will be happy, if these treasures will find a good home among those who can appreciate it the most.

Must say, that we have degrees in fine art and art history, because of that our treasure hunt is very significant to us, it brings a lot of inner satisfaction and positive living energy. Owing to the fact that all true artists are unique, the knowledge of their technical ability in compliance with their stylistic approach give us perfect opportunity to find not only signed but also wonderful unsigned pieces and continue our endless curiosity on the subject of art as well as broaden our perspective, which means that you may see not only well known names but a variety of rare, yet paramount or influential, artists in our shop.

Our Dear customers, please note, that we have years of experience collecting vintage and antique items. Respectively, we are working constantly with metals, gemstones, wood, glass/ceramics and other materials related to this matter. Our prices generally base on rarity, popularity, quality, difficulty of work and uniqueness of art pieces and/or their creators.

We guarantee that all of our jewelry is presentable, wearable and exactly as described, so you can proudly wear it. We never sell junk or broken pieces, because we strive to find jewelry in excellent condition, or professionally restored. However, if an important piece of art/or antique jewelry is damaged or have some issues, it will be clearly noted in the description.

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