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~ Quality vintage estate couture, designer signed, and bridal jewelry ~ Unique antique and collectible home and garden decor

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About A Place of Distinction

Our Service Pledge
I want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

Never hesitate to ask a question! I will make every attempt to respond to all questions and orders within 24-hours, unless I am out of town.

I try to thoroughly research every item to the best of my ability and guarantee the authenticity of all my listed items, based on that research. I will, however, always welcome additional information from customers ... We are never wise enough to know it all!
About Us
Specializing in high quality vintage rhinestone costume jewelry and bridal jewelry designed from the early 1920's through the 1980's, exquisite accessories, and fabulous vintage and antique home decor items that will make the space around you a special Place of Distinction. .

Each jewelry piece, accessory, and decor item has been individually selected for it's uniqueness (design, construction, and beauty) ... elegance first, and actual designer signature, second.

As you will see in the jewelry, many of the most magnificent pieces...especially in the 30's and 40's were never signed by their designer. In that period who would have thought that these pieces would eventually carry the importance that they do today! In addition, there are the fabulous pieces by houses such as DeLizza and Elster (the makers of the now highly sought after Juliana) that never signed their pieces, but only gave them a small hangtag ... so casually tossed when the piece was ready to be worn!

Design and elegance have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents were artists, and my father was president of the Disney Gem & Mineral Society. From an early age, stones and gems were a part of my life.

I graduated from the New York Institute of Design and Merchandising, and worked for many years in film. As I traveled, I was constantly exposed to the stunning beauty of Europe, the amazing craftsmanship of South America, and Africa, and the unending imagination of all of the above in the United States.

I opened my first little shop almost 40 years ago and have continued my quest for the most unique...the most unusual...and the most elegant.

It is my goal through this store to not only present these beautiful items for purchase, but to give you personal service in making sure that you have the special piece that you desire.

It is my hope, that when you need something special, A PLACE OF DISTINCTION will be where your destination!