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Hi. Having sold on and off for 15 years on eBay, under the name mombe, I felt it was time to step up a level, hence Ruby Lane. Many of you may remember me from the Gaithersburg, Md. doll shows or from Rowbears, an adjunct to the UFDC. Over this long period I have met so many wonderful people that I now know as friends! For that I thank all of you.
I have spent the last 13+ years salvaging garments in the hopes of providing them and their users with a "new life". Most of what I obtain is from these gleanings. I am not an expert in many areas and list only with the intent to please. My main textile interest is pre 1900, especially Civil War and before. I am eager to reconnect with those I only see every few years. With so many items oozing out of my home there is probably something you are looking for to complete a special doll, I would like to help, simply contact me.
I am not highly efficient Tech wise and thank those that are having patience. Also, Getting to the PO can sometimes be an issue. Getting a PO online equipment which should help with mailing. My life is not always following the schedule I would like, stuff happens. I do try to maintain contact and ship diligently. Sincere thanks to those who recognize some of my life in theirs. Diane
Diane Cucci
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