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For The Discriminating Buyer...Exquisite Hand Painted Works of Fine Art on Antique Porcelain From Around The World

Featuring Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Limoges, Nippon, Rosenthal, and More...

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We enthusiastically abide by Ruby Lane's admirable, site-wide standards for quality of merchandise and professional business conduct of shop owners. We are a shop dedicated to providing excellent service and your complete satisfaction is our main concern! Please shop at Antique Porcelain Gallery with complete confidence, as we guarantee the authenticity of all our items and make every possible effort to describe our pieces thoroughly and accurately...and make mention of any significant findings that you can expect to see upon receipt of your purchase. Please feel free and comfortable to email us with any comments, questions or concerns. We will respond to all email and orders within 24 hours. In the event that we are temporarily out of town, we will post the details for your convenience. Thank you for your interest and for shopping at Antique Porcelain Gallery!
About Us
Featuring Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Limoges, Nippon, Rosenthal, and More...

For the discriminating buyer and collector...we offer exquisite hand painted works of fine art on antique porcelain from around the world.

Our love, passion and appreciation for fine quality hand painted vintage porcelain and antiques is immeasurable. Our family have been collectors of these wonderful treasures for more than 3 generations. Making the decision to share our collection with others having the same appreciation...we began selling our original, fine quality hand painted antique porcelain art at antique galleries located in beautiful, historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where we live.

We have expanded into the computer world of on-line merchandising for your collecting pleasure of antique porcelain and the increasingly harder to find art form from the past of china painting! It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we extend to you the opportunity to own such magnificent treasures, as the stunning, superb quality hand painted works of art on antique porcelain and china that we collect and sell. Antique Porcelain Gallery predominately features hand painted examples, many displaying artist signatures and date of artistry. From around the world, we will offer for your consideration...wonderful, original hand painted examples of Limoges, Nippon, and Rosenthal, antique porcelain...just to name a few. These extraordinary hand painted porcelain treasures from the past, originating from Austria, Bavaria, Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere around the globe...becoming increasingly harder to our opinion...are equivalent to owning your own "Picasso", as each incredible piece is a one-of-a-kind object of art, completely unique, as no two are ever alike!

Being the extremely passionate hand painted antique porcelain lovers and collectors that we are...has us always on the hunt to seek and find even more of this diminishing art form from the past...thereby, resulting in the expansion of our already extensive inventory...further enabling us to provide you with an extraordinary, eclectic selection, of exquisite fine quality, antique porcelain and china from which to choose.

Although primarily featuring examples of hand painted art on antique porcelain and china...additional offerings will include, antique porcelain and china pieces decorated using the "Mixtion Method" (a combination of transfer decoration with hand painted accents). Also on occasion...Vintage Jewelry, Vanity Items, Women's Fashion Accessories, Vintage Home Decor and Collectibles...and even Vintage Toys...will be showcased in the Gallery.

We thank you for your interest in Antique Porcelain Gallery, and invite you to visit often...even if only to enjoy the view!

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