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Alexander Backer
Art Porcelain & Pottery
Art Pottery
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American Game Bird China Set
French Double Inkwell By Quimper
French Faience Quimper Baby By Savigny
French Faience Quimper Dancing Couple
French Faience Quimper Figure
French Faience Quimper Figure Of Young Woman
French Faience Quimper Plate
French Faience Quimper Platter
French Hand Painted Round Box
French Limoges Bucket Box
French Limoges Cork Box
French Limoges Flower Box
French Limoges Purse Box
French Limoges Teapot Box
French Quimper Barber Bowl
French Sevres Style Box
French Water Pump Box By Limoges
German Kpm Porcelain & Pottery
German Rosenthal Ballerina Dying Swan
German Rosenthal By A Caasmann
German Rosenthal Charged Dancer By Boehs
German Rosenthal Child & Bear By F. Lieberman
German Rosenthal Figure By Karl Himmelstof
German Rosenthal Grape Carrier By Marcuse
Japanese Pair Satsuma Vases
Keeling & Co. Ltd
Limoges Baby Carriage Box
Limoges Boudior Chair Box
Limoges Box
Limoges Box Expresso Coffee
Limoges Drum Box
Limoges Flower Box
Limoges Footed Egg Box
Limoges Hat Box
Limoges Ice Cream Box Wagon
Limoges Purse Box
Limoges Rooster Box
Limoges Shoe Box
Limoges Top Hat Box
Lladro Clown With Violin
Richard Ginori
Royal Doulton
Royal Worcester Porcelain & Pottery Vase
Satsuma Fisherman 19th C
Tiffany & Co Limoges Pinapple Box
Wedgwood Brown Pitcher
Wedgwood Dark Green Teapot
Wine Bottle Box By Limoges

By Maker
American Art Porcelain & Pottery By Cowan
American Art Porcelain & Pottery By Peters & Reed
American Art Porcelain & Pottery By Red Wing
American Art Porcelain & Pottery By Weller Sicard
American Redware By Stahl
Austrian Candle Holder By Scheib
Austrian Mounted Bowls By Scheib
Austrian Redware By Mathilde Flogl
Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal 1001 Nights Demitasse
Buffalo Deldare Bowl The Fallowfield Hunt , The Death
Capodimonte Covered And Footed Vegetable Dish
Clarice Cliff Sugar Bowl Covered Crocus Bizarre Ware
Fitz Krug Art Nouveau German Drip Glaze
French Desvres Open Salt
French Faience Book Snuff
French Faience By Desvres Clown Open Salt
French Faience Desvres Vases
French Faience Flask Snuff By Quimper
French Faience Luneville St. Clement
French Faience Mustard Pot By St. Clements
French Faience Pig By Desvres
French Faience Quimper Bust By Porson
French Faience Quimper Covered Jar
French Faience Quimper Rare Plate
French Faience Quimper Snuff Book
French Longwy Boulbous Vase
French Longwy Box
French Longwy Vase
French Porcelain & Pottery By Longwy
Galloway Philadelphia Neo-classical
German Horse
King Decanter By Waylande Gregory Of Cowan
Limoges Plate
Longwy Peacock
Moorcroft Dahlia Porcelain & Pottery
Moorcroft Lilly Box
Moorcroft Pomegranate And Liberty Silver
Moorcroft Porcelain & Pottery Covered Jar
Moorcroft Vase
Porcelain & Pottery
Quimper Miniature Bellows
Quimper Porquier-beau Plaque
Quimper Quillivic Snakes King Gradlon
Red Wing Deer Insert
Red Wing Vase
Roseville Mayfair C1940
Royal Doulton Robert Burns
Royal Doulton Shakespeare
Royal Doulton The Admiral
Royal Haeger
Royal Haeger Pair Of Stallions Lamp
Royal Haeger Swan
Shawnee Giraffe
Wedgwood The Federal City The Supreme Court
Wedgwood The Federal City The White House

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Ceramic Statue Og Roman Soldier
Decorative & Figurines
Sascha Brastoff
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Carved Victorian Pirate Nutcracker
Carved Victorian Pirate Nutcracker
$450 USD Offer

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