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Tis now officially Fall and you know what THAT means - no, not the looming specter of the holidays - I'm talking about the Fall Hummingbird migration. To celebrate a group of friends and I went to the Rockport, TX Hummingbird Festival last week. Rockport is one of the best places in the U.S. to view them as it's on a double migration route. We saw lots of Hummers and other birds as well but I have to admit part of the pleasure was watching the watchers with their birding outfits and camera lenses that looked like telescopes. It was almost like being on the set of the movie "The Big Year" and it was apparent some people take their bird watching VERY seriously.
But you know me, bird watching wasn't the only item on the agenda and on the last day we hit up a few of the antique shops. Found a few things, too, for what better place to find birds (both real and vintage) than in Rockport?
Here are a few pics of the trip, with photo credit being given to Ellen O'Reilly (except for the pic of all of us, shot by a random resident....)

With the Festival a thing of the past we are now back to work as evidenced by the addition of ten items this week, all with a paper theme (OK, maybe not the Christmas Ornament but it DOES come in a box). By clicking on the "The Week's Arrivals" link in the banner above you'll be treated to the latest landings including an Art Deco Stark Davis print that's both colorful and contemporary despite its 70+ years, Victorian ephemera that's perfect for crafting, and if your magazines are getting out of hand we invite you to round 'em up in the rack.

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Until then, then ~Jennifer @ Z' Buzzing Beak

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