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Looking for Doves in all the wrong places? Join us on the 4th for even more Avian finds including bronzes from Europe.

Vintage Parrot & Wild Bird Collectibles ~~ for the feather-brained!

About Antique Beak

Specializing in vintage & collectible Parrot and Wild Bird items. Always buying & selling!


Welcome to Antique Beak a shop for Parrot & bird lovers.......everywhere!

Happy 2015! We hope everyones holidays were everything they hoped for, for ourselves we enjoyed the company of family, friends, and fireworks (the exploding kind, lest we be misunderstood....).
Now it's time to get back to work for the Houston Parrot Festival is looming large (we start packing for it next week) and we're working on updating our sister shop, Beak Chic, with a new format and even more exciting jewels. We're also celebrating our 15th anniversary this year in June (can you BELIEVE it?) and plan to have a variety of contests, prizes and events for you. But I digress....

This week we brought you an assortment of items from our Ozarks trip and our recent shipment from Europe including a fabulous Parrot Lamp with a Beaded Shade, a 1960's Hand Puppet (just what kind of bird IS that?), a Budgie Light Shade (as is but still cool) and a Bird Toy that WE can't keep playing with! Have a gander by clicking on the "This Week's Arrivals" link within our banner above and prepare to be amazed (or at least amused).

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I'm afraid this will be the only time we add new things to the shop this month as packing and unpacking for the HOUSTON PARROT FESTIVAL (and a dear friend coming to help) will take up most of our time in January. One note: If you want something get it now for anything really cool is likely to sell at the Festival and once packed it will be really hard to get to.

Hope to see you at the Parrot Festival, this will be our 15th year there!
If not, we'll see you again in February....

Jennifer @ z' Busy Beak

We also buy bird items and consider trades in some cases. If you have anything you think we'd like, let us know!

We know how difficult it is to buy items seen only on a flat screen, so we have taken a few views of most items so you can get a good idea of what it looks like from all angles. If you need additional photos of anything please don't hesitate to ask!