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Decorative & Figurines
California Pottery, Figurines, Deer, Stewart Mcculloch
French, Limoges, Miniature, Plate
Hand Painted, Cherries, Pitcher, Jug, Signed
Hand Painted, Chocolate Set, Floral, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Floral, Plate, Signed
Hand Painted, Ginger Jar, Vase, Signed, Floral
Hand Painted, Pitcher, Jug, Roses, Floral, German, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Pitchers, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Plate, Charger, Platter, Signed, Floral, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Plate, Portrait, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Plate, Signed, French, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Porcelain, Portrait, Signed
Hand Painted, Porcelain, Portrait, Tile, Framed, Signed
Hand Painted, Portrait, Box, Limoges, France, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Portrait, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Portrait, Porcelain, Signed
Hand Painted, Portrait, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Portrait, Signed, Porcelain, Trinket Box
Hand Painted, Portrait, Tile, Porcelain, Signed
Hand Painted, Roses, Plate, French
Hand Painted, Roses, Plate, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Tankard, Pitcher, Roses, Signed, Porcelain
Hand Painted, Tile, Porcelain, Portrait, Signed
Hand Painted, Tile, Signed, Porcelain, Framed
Hand Painted, Vase, Signed, Porcelain
Hutschenreuther, Germany, Figurine, Porcelain, Ice Skater
Lladro, Figurine
Miniature, Portrait, Hand Painted
Portrait, Porcelain, Hand Painted, Signed

Hand Painted, Porcelain, Floral, Box, Nappy
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SALE Antique Lorgnette Eyeglasses
SALE Antique Lorgnette Eyeglasses
$100 USD Sale$100 $50 USD 50% Off

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