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I will do my best to represent my product as honestly as possible. My pictures are not perfect. If I do not have a signature on an item, I will state it. All my items were previously owned, therefore never as "perfect" as they would be new.
About Us
My items were collected over the years and now it is time to sell them. The market for selling is not as good as it once was, so I will try to be reasonable. However, I hope buyers will keep in mind that I do need a reasonable price for my items. I still have items on sale or reduced. Some say Make an offer, and some do not. I have had many offers way below the item worth, and usually the counter isn't received well. While I have dealt mostly with great people on here, it is disheartening, when a person devalues something to the point of almost being insulting. I have made a lot of sales for less than I would have liked, but the offers were reasonable. I am always happy to see someone get one of my items, and be happy to get it, because these are my personally collected items
I will still participate in the Ruby Lane Red Tag Sales, when they are running, but I may adjust my prices a little, so I can put something up for 50% off.
I am not a jeweler, and I do not clean jewelry. I would rather the next owner do that, if they choose to. The few fine diamond items I list will have been appraised and cleaned recently.
Anyone who cannot pay the day they get their purchase order, please contact me in a few days to let me know when you can pay. I will go along with any reasonable requests.
Thanks for reading all this, if you read this far. :) I have added a few fine jewelry items, and eventually may add Delft, and Delft Polychrome, among some other items. Most of the time, I will just be selling my costume jewelry.
Judith Osborne
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