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Fine Antique Jewelry, European Antique Jewelry, 19th Century French Jewelry

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Established in 1983, Adin is specializing in authentic antique and vintage jewelry, 19th century French jewelry, Victorian, Art Deco and estate jewelry. Adin has build a worldwide reputation on quality antique jewelry collections and accurate jeweller expertise. Jewelry comes in mostly from private collections, heirlooms, family vaults and jewelers. Only the very best are selected for sale by our experts. We have in-house experts specialized in various disciplines such as diamond experts, gemologists and antique jewelry appraisers.

You are assured the jewelry we sell are only those that our experts consider to be genuine examples of their period, excellent quality with no reproductions presented. Besides a little dusting off, we didn't have to do anything to offer you these beauties in their original splendor.
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Antwerp, Belgium 2018
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