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Julia Henri, Ann Arbor, MI   
Exclusive Ruby Lane Member since 2011

This is your virtual doorway into the attic at my family home, filled with boxes of rare antiques and quirky collectibles!

Please make Abundance of Riches your trusted source for antique and vintage collectibles!

About Abundance of Riches

Our Service Pledge
Abundance of Riches is pleased to offer the finest quality items. All items are carefully researched. We never sell reproductions.
About Us
My parents, grand-parents and even my great-grandparents from Ohio and Oklahoma had collections of every kind. The enormous attic in our family home was filled with carefully stacked boxes...cherished treasures from the past...as well as quirky, vintage tchotchkes and kitsch.

Every treasure was collected from old friends, auctions, flea markets, estate sales and yard sales for well over a century. Many items have tiny yellowed tags attached, telling the item's history. Some tags reference antique guides from our family's library.

The attic and controlled storage areas contained four generations of collections that dates back to before the American Civil War. Today, the items are carefully stored in museum conditions within 100% acid free archival storage bags and carefully wrapped in mounds of soft, fuly archival tissues.

Knowing the stories of where an antique came from is what this shop is about. I carefully photograph the pieces and document your purchases so that you will have a trustworthy history to keep on record for future generations.

I do hope that you will feel right at home and confident while visiting my shop!

We've put so much time and effort behind each inventory listing here!

Most of all, I truly hope that you will enjoy your time here at Abundance of Riches, regardless if you purchase anything at all!

PLEASE NOTE: Every item offered for sale is in original, authentic, unaltered condition.

If required, some items (such as antique linen textiles) may have been cleaned by a professional museum conservator. For the record, bleach and other caustic cleansers are never used.

I can also promise you that there are no modern reproductions here. All items are authentic.

We also do the necessary testing required to authenticate every antique or vintage item. All tests are performed using the current, acceptable museum conservation methods.

Like everyone else, we are not expert at everything...and I always *greatly* appreciate hearing your suggestions and comments!

Shipping is a task that the staff at Abundance of Riches takes great pride in. After shipping thousands of items over a span of 15 years, we have never had a breakage report or loss filed.

I also own The Gilded Griffin shop. This sister store is also located here on Ruby Lane...it is quite different from this one. The Gilded Griffin specializes only in rare, antique and vintage items related to the fashion industry. The Gilded Griffin's inventory contains only remarkable fashion-related items that have an exceptional historic interest, and that are in outstanding condition.

Please read the "About Us" section at The Gilded Griffin for additional background information.

Below are many customer testimonials written by people who have purchased from Abundance of Riches. Some long-time clients...some new...all wonderful customers who have written praises from around the world. I cannot express as to just how much your compliments mean to me!

As for my background, I take pride in my long, reputable history of selling to museums, discerning private collectors, as well as to those in the theatre, art and movie industries. I have worked in the antiques market both as an apprentice and dealer since the 1980s. I am also a published journalist, illustrator and an active member of the Costume Society of America.

Again, please go to The Gilded Griffin's "About Us" section for a more complete résumé. Thank you.

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***Please note: All original descriptive text, as well as the original photographs, are registered copyright by JHenri, 2010-2014. Thank you.

***FROM Darice...Phoenix, Arizona USA

Hi Julia, I got the trunk today and I love it! It is so beautiful!
My husband loves it too, he wants me to keep it out in the living
room so he can see it all the time. Thank you for shipping it so
carefully!! Am I able to leave a review for your shop? Thanks so much!

***FROM Garline...near Lawton, Oklahoma USA

Julia - Just a note to let you know that the pink bone dishes
arrived safely. They are just like the pictures, beautiful!
Thank you for the notes. Small world, cannot believe your
mother's family is from so near to here! Thank you again!

***FROM Carol...Springfield, Oregon USA

Hi Julia, I received this wonderful skirt today! Thank you for the extra
careful packing and fast shipping. Warm Regards, Carol

***FROM Carolyn...Goffstown, New Hampshire USA

Hi Julia, Received the beautiful doll today. It was wrapped so
well!! I especially loved your note telling me of your mother,
and how she had set the doll next to a spinning wheel. Also,
you are a former New Englander! Nice to know you. I am very
happy with my purchase and just wanted to stop by and tell you
that. Thanks so much for your careful attention to detail. I so
enjoyed this experience. Carolyn"

***FROM Michael...Bridgeport, Connecticut USA

Julia: I just received your beautiful item (Victorian men's handkerchief) today.
Was completely blown-away by the care with which you shipped it!! Thank you so
much for providing the archival plastic pouch to preserve this great treasure!!
Thank you so much!! :) -- Michael

***FROM Deb...Charlottesville, Virginia USA

"Dear Julia, The exquisite cake stand arrived today, and it is so
lovely! Thank you so much for your careful wrapping and
packaging. I will treasure this piece forever and am so glad I
found your shop! Kind regards, Deb"

***FROM Liz...Langwarrin, Victoria AUSTRALIA...

"Hi Julia Your ever so carefully wrapped goods arrived today
The items are very beautiful. I will treasure them
Thank you for all your efforts. Cheers Liz"

***FROM Susan...St. Francis, Wisconsin USA
As written to Ruby Lane's corporate office:

"I want to make sure the shop Abundance of Riches gets the
highest rating possible. The attention to detail, the
professional packaging, speedy delivery and the beautiful
barrette I purchased made my heart go pitter-pat when I got my
package. "

***FROM Connor...Perth, Western AUSTRALIA

"I did find where you were quoted in the Pelham Puppets book that you recommended! I bought that too for my sister and gave it to her with the puppet. Knowing that you are quoted in that book made the entire transaction all the more enjoyable I hope you know. The puppet really adds to that big collection of hers! My sister absolutely loved this and said it was the best retro gift she got for her birthday! Great packing job! I'll be back to buy more! "

***FROM Julián...La Coruña, SPAIN...

Dear Julia:
The earrings are at home. They are very cute.
Thank you very much again.
Kindest regards, Julián

***FROM Maureen...Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA...

"The lovely antique jacket arrived today. Beautifully wrapped, of course.
Thank you for another fascinating buy!"

***FROM Donna...Sydney AUSTRALIA...This is only a paragraph from a more lengthy letter, written by Donna to the corporate office here at Ruby Lane regarding this shop:

..."Julia has enormous courtesy and magnanimity. She exhibits great attention to detail both in posting an accurate description of items for sale, and the extraordinary care taken in wrapping a difficult object containing glass for travel by international parcel post to Australia. The glazed print arrived safe and secure without sustaining any damage whatsoever, and was exactly as described. It has pride of place on my wall where I can readily view it every day..."

***FROM Jim...Sioux City, Iowa USA

"Thanks Julia, got it (the WWII Military Ham Radio Beam Filter) today and it works perfect. I will take great care of it. Thanks again so much. Your packing was outstanding, wish more who send me stuff were like you,
take care."

***FROM Ed...Dadeville, Alabama USA

"The Transmitter arrived...and I couldn't have been more pleased.
It is a good looking rig and I am sure it will give me good service, as
Heathkit built them well...."

***plus a second letter received a few months later
FROM Ed...Dadeville, Alabama USA...

"Julia, the transmitter is a jewel; working well. I'm proud of it! Regards!"

***FROM Terry...Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA

"The trivet arrived safely this morning. It is exactly as
described and I am pleased with it and your excellent service!
Yes of course you are welcome to use my comments!"

***FROM Richard...Boulder, Colorado USA

"It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for you. I was exceptionally pleased to receive the two McKenney & Hall folio lithographs. They are authentic just as you promised, and in condition as described. The packing was exceptional and they were received without damage. I appreciate your professionalism and honesty. If you find more, please contact me first!"

***FROM Paula…Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA

"Yes! Of course, I will write a reference for you! You may use this: I have purchased from Julia on and off during the past 10 years. She is one of the most helpful people I have ever worked with. If I have any questions Julia writes immediately and answers them. Her emails are always so interesting and full of fascinating facts about everything! I have learned so much from her over the years! Don’t worry about buying anything from her because she is very honest and really very accurate."

***FROM Lalia...Easton, Massachusetts USA

"Your gorgeous item was received. Thank you kindly. Looking
forward to more business."

***FROM Marsha...Ashville, North Carolina USA

"I just received the French Havilland Limoges Ranson bone dish and it is just as you described. The packing was incredible and it arrived safely. This completes my service for 12 and I am thrilled. Thanks Julia."

***FROM Donald...Austin, Texas USA

"Thanks for a great exchange. The gas engine oiler was just what I was looking for. It was interesting to write to you and I wish you all the best. Wish I could have seen all that collection from your Grand-dad!"

***FROM Sharon…San Jose, California USA

"I am so pleased with my purchase of the set of glasses I purchased from you. It is such a pleasure to find these as I have been hoping for a set. They are just like my grandmother had. I love reading your descriptions about your family too. Really I have got to say that the authentication is on target and the price was reasonable. Thank you once again!"

***FROM Elizabeth...Norman, Oklahoma USA

"I check in to your shop almost every day and have subscribed as you suggested. The Harper's Weekly and the Victorian cookbook are great additions to my kitchen collections, Julia. Thank you so much. It is great to know that your business is going so well and I wish you all the luck in the world! You deserve it! You'll hear from me quite a lot if you ever have more cooking collectibles!"