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#204 Bahr Proschild
#890 Simon-halbig All Bisque With High Stockings
10 1/2" Rare Jdkestner/ Rose O'neill Kewpie
1039 Simon-halbig
12" Sweet Moon Faced Kestner #4
13" F G Fabulous Bisque Doll On Bru Type Body
14" Character Kestner Face
15" Cod #93-0 Dep Sweetie
17" Early Abg #639 Pouty Dome Head
18" Emma Clear Gibson Rare Size With Tilted Head
21" Abg Or Kestner Turned Head On Goldsmith Body
3" Bisque Baby
4 1/4" Sweet Little German Mignonette
5 1/2" Pink Tinted Parian
7" #150 Kestner All-bisque Doll
7" #886 Simon-halbig Cutie
7" Bisque/ Composition Doll
7" Impish Cuteness #323 A&M Googly
8" K R Halbig Girl Dressed As Munich Girl
Black Doll
Galluba Hoffman
German Cabinet-sized Kestner
German Character French Cabinetsized
Hertwig All Bisque
Miniature Holiday Ornament
Parian Boy Head With Molded Hat
Reclining Galluba Hoffman
Small Parian Snowbaby Head

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Doll Clothing, Accessories
18 1/2" Old Pink Dress
19 1/2" 2 Piece Lady Dress Teal Taffeta
A Dress And Blouse For Older Dolls
A Set Of Original Petticoat And Bloomers
A Two Piece Vintage Blouse And Skirt For 23-24" Bisque Doll
Accessories For French Fashion
Adorable Little Dress, Coat, Bonnet And Shoes
Batiste Bonnet With Pull String
Child's Coat With Mohair Trim For Bisque Dolls
Corset For Bisque Or China Dolls
Cute Satin Purse
French Brocade Cream Corset
French Fashion Gloves
French Fashion Maroon Wool Dress
French Styled Dress For 14" Bisque Doll
Handmade Gloves For Bisque Dolls
Knickers Depose T-shirt
Knitted Gloves
Lacey Corset For Parian Or China Doll
Medium Trunk With Tray
Miniature Camera For Your Doll
Mommy & Me Wool Coats For Winter
Painted Wooden Shoes For Dolls
Pale Mauve Pink Cotton Dress & Undies For Parian Doll
Pale Pink Silk Organdy Wired Bonnet For Large Baby
Pinwheel Doll Quilt
Pretty Blue Gingham Dress
Silk Red Corset
Silky Gibson Styled Blouse For Doll
Small Glass Dome On Wood Base
Sterling Silver
Sweet Cream Polk-a-dot Dress For 16-18" Bisque Dolls
Sweet Dress And Petticoat
Sweet Leather Handmade Boots For Bisque Dolls
Sweet Vintage Dress For Bisque Dolls
Three Baby Bonnets Tlc
Three Pink Dresses For Bisque Dolls
Tlc Navy Silk Blouse And Skirt For French Fashion Or China
Toddler Dress For Compo Dolls
Turquoise Blue Dress 4 Hp Or Compo Dolls
Two Adorable Baby Bibs...Vintage
Two Little Bisque Black Babies Tlc
Vintage Blue Corset For China Or Parian Doll
White Dress

Doll Furniture
Doll Houses, Miniatures
Doll Parts
French Twist Wig For Alex By Alexander Company
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4 Vanity Perfume Bottles/Vases Occupied Japan Googly eyed Bathing Beauties
4 Vanity Perfume Bottles/Vases Occupied Japan Googly eyed Bathing Beauties
$169 USD Offer

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