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Teddy bears are being featured at Church Street Station this month, so I thought I would share some of the history of teddy bears with you. Where did teddy bears come from:

Teddy Bears have been popular gifts and possessions since their entrance on the toy scene in 1902.

Teddy Bears came into being in both America and Germany in the same year through different circumstances. In America teddy bears started out as Teddyï¾’s Bear as a result of an incident involving, as you might imagine, President Teddy Roosevelt, bear hunting and the state of Mississippi.

The Teddy Bear was introduced to the toy scene in Germany the same year by the Steiff stuffed toy business as a result of the drawings made of bears in the Stuttgart Museum by a relative of the businessï¾’s owner.

After years of public disinterest the teddy bear became a popular toy again because of a British actorメs interest in teddy bears in the late 1960s, モBritish actor Peter Bull openly expressed his love for teddy bears and his belief in the teddy bear's importance in the emotional life of adults.ヤ *

Once again teddy bears are popular as gifts to young children and as collector items by adults.

For the rest of the story please take a few minutes to visit teddy bear and friends website and Wikipedia.

* Marianne Clay, teddy bear & friends, THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, 2002