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Question Title Everything you want to know about Advanced Image Processing (AIP)
NEW!  Effective May 1, 2014: Advanced Image Processing is no longer optional.  All items added are sent for processing.

What is Advanced Image Processing?
Advanced Image Processing (AIP) provides every Ruby Lane shop with the opportunity to make a great first impression with item images.

Why has Ruby Lane added Advanced Image Processing?

It's no secret that items with great images sell better than those with less than stellar images. We also know that creating professional-quality item images is not always easy.

Our goal is for buyers to see a selection of wonderful item images the moment they land on the site. AIP makes for a more exciting and rewarding buying experience, and can lead to more sales for our shops.

What if I already use professional images?

We know that some shops already have beautiful item images. However, not all of them have transparent backgrounds.

In order for our site to move forward and introduce new technologies and features, we must process images to a specific standard.

Once most images are being processed on Ruby Lane, we can introduce more search related features.

Buyer Control of Background Color was recently introduced, and now buyers are able to view processed images on a wide variety of background colors and gradients.

What happens during image processing?

  • Only the Primary image is sent to the processor.  No additional images, or information about the item is included. 
  • Images are edited by hand
  • The background, which may include additional items, shop name, or watermark, is removed from the image, leaving only the item for sale visible
  • The image background becomes transparent and can be viewed on different background colors
  • The image is re-sized to fit inside a 1024 x 1024 pixels square without being cropped if too tall or wide
    • If the image size is smaller than 1024 x 1024 after being cropped and made square, the image canvas size is enlarged to 1024 x 1024
    • If the image size is larger than 1024 x 1024 after being cropped and made square, the overall image is re-sized to 1024 x 1024
  • Image brightness is adjusted if necessary
  • The image file type is converted to PNG
Note: All items are sent for processing, even if the image file type is PNG when added to your shop.


Backgrounds can only be changed for images that have been processed with AIP. Items are always displayed within your shop using the background you selected on your Item Backgrounds page. Ruby Lane selects the colors for site-wide displays such as Featured Items on the Ruby Lane home page, Newsletters or Advertising.

Will Advanced Image Processing clean up my item images?

No - AIP does not involve cleaning-up your item images, and the following attributes cannot be corrected or improved:
  • Flaws
  • Soiling
  • Defects
  • Item Out of Focus
  • Item Cut Off

Will Advanced Image Processing preserve fine details of my images?
Every attempt is made to preserve even the finest details, however, there are potential limitations based on focus, lighting, background texture, and contrast between the item and background when photographed.

Can Advanced Image Processing remove surface reflections, colors or patterns seen through transparent items?
No - AIP cannot remove reflections seen in mirrors or silver, nor can it remove patterns or images seen through transparent items. Be aware of reflections or patterns when photographing your items.

Will Advanced Image Processing change the color of my item?

No - AIP removes backgrounds and extraneous detail such as applied text, but aside from necessary brightness adjustment it does not make any changes to tone, color or other attributes of an image.

Note: The removal of the original background can have the appearance of changing tonal quality, with the temporary contrast of a white background. No colors are changed during processing.

How do I use the Advanced Image Processing tool?

New Items
Starting May 1, 2014, all items added to shops have the primary image submitted for AIP.

Existing items
Use the new Image Processing Tool found in the Shop Info section of your Shop Owners' Home Page to select the images you want to process.  Items that are eligible to be processed will be displayed on the 'Available for Processing' tab located just below the 'Inside Your Shop' section of the page. The fee for processing Existing Items is $.39.

If you'd like to swap out the first image or upload a new one, you have 60 minutes to do so after the item is added or submitted for AIP.  After that time, the image that is first in your listing will be submitted to Advanced Image Processing and your images cannot be re-ordered, replaced or deleted until AIP is complete.

Near the top of your shop's Advanced Image Processing page, you can select to have processed images automatically replace your original image, or inspect images prior to having them replace your original images.

Even though your items are auto-accepted, you have 7 days to request a free re-do of your image if the editing was not done correctly. Auto-accepted items can be seen on the 'Done, available for review' tab, located just below the 'Inside Your Shop' section of the page.

Inside Your Shop

Show both processed & original images
Once an item image has been processed, your original images will be shown along with the processed images on your Item pages. Processing of an item image effectively allows for up to 10 images for each item on your item pages. For all other pages inside your shop, only processed images will be shown. Outside your shop, only processed images are shown (Site search results, site featuring, Wish List emails, etc.).

Only show processed images
Once an item image has been processed, you have the option to display only the processed images to shoppers. Only processed images are shown in your shop and everywhere else on Ruby Lane (Site search results, site featuring, Wish List emails, etc.).

Note:  If you have unprocessed items in your shop, they are grandfathered in and not required to be processed.  Those items will continue to be displayed in Site and Shop search results, Featuring and Wish List emails.

Only show original images
Once an item image has been processed, you have the option to display only your original images to shoppers inside your shop. Processed images will not be displayed inside your shop, but will be used everywhere else on Ruby Lane.

Show new items immediately NEW!
After an item is added
  • Show the item inside your shop as "Today's Arrivals"
  • The item will immediately be available for purchase from within your shop
  • When processing has been accepted, the item will be shown everywhere else on Ruby Lane as "Today's Arrivals"
Show new items after processing NEW!
After an item is added
  • Wait for processing is complete before showing the item as "Today's Arrivals" inside your shop and everywhere else on Ruby Lane
  • The item will not be available for purchase until processing has been accepted

A to the left of the Inside Your Shop options indicates the active setting.  To change the settings, use the buttons on the right side of the page.

Note: Items are always considered ''Today's Arrivals'' and ''This Week's Arrivals'' on the site starting from the time processing is Accepted (either Auto-Accepted or by you on the ' Done, available for review' tab located just below the 'Inside Your Shop' section of your AIP page). Existing items submitted for AIP will remain in your shop and will be available for sale while your image is processing.

How long does Advanced Image Processing take?
We generally process images within 24 hours, but may take longer depending on the current volume of image processing submitted by Ruby Lane shops.

How will I know when my images have been processed?
When your item images have been processed you will see a blue banner near the top of all of your non-public Ruby Lane pages, which indicates "Advanced Image Processing images are ready for review". The banner includes a clickable link to your AIP page.

On your Advanced Image Processing page click the 'Done, available for review' tab located just below the 'Inside Your Shop' section of the page to review the completed items. You are able to Accept the images if they have been edited correctly, or Reject them if you would like to take advantage of a free re-do.

Can I edit my previously processed image?
No - If you alter or replace your primary image and replace the processed image, the new image will be sent to be processed again, which will result in an additional Existing Item fee charge.

Once your image has been processed and returned for your review, you will be able to reject it for a free re-do, but you cannot edit any of that items images while the item is being processed.

How can I replace a processed image?

To replace an image that has already been processed, you will need to unlock the image by clicking the red lock icon on the Modify Item page

Once you click the lock icon, $0.39 will be deducted from your shop account for the processing of the replaced image, and you will have the next 60 minutes to swap out or upload a new image.  After that time, the image that is first in your listing will be submitted to Advanced Image Processing and your images cannot be re-ordered, replaced or deleted until Advanced Image Processing is complete. 

Note: All other images can be rearranged freely.

What happens if my image is not suitable for processing?
Be sure to check your primary item image prior to submitting for AIP. If your image has any of the following attributes, it is possible the results will be less than satisfactory, and you may want to consider replacing your image with a more suitable one before before you submit it for processing:
  • Images that are smaller than 500x500 pixels, which display smaller when clicking to enlarge the view of the item.
    • While 500x500 is acceptable, 1024x1024 will generally provide better results
  • Item is not in focus
  • Item has bright spots from camera flash or direct sunlight. This is especially noticeable when an item is bright white, and on some jewelry pieces made of polished metal, faceted gemstones or other reflective materials
  • Item is transparent and photographed on a colored or patterned background.
  • Item is not completely visible
    • Items should be centered and fill as much of the image possible without being cut off
  • Item is photographed on a busy, multicolored, or textured background
We strongly encourage you to review the Advanced Image Processing Guidelines and see exactly how we process your images in our Advanced Image Processing Specifications.

Fees for AIP are charged at the time items are added to your shop (included in the Listing Fee), when existing items are submitted for processing, or previously processed images are replaced.  Ensuring that the item is properly displayed to show its attributes or intended uses is the responsibility of the shop owner.

What are the current fees for Advanced Image processing?
New Items
Starting May 1, 2014, AIP is included in the $.39 Listing Fee for all shops.

Existing Items
$.39 for items that currently exist in shops, including items that have never been processed, and items that are sent to be re-processed due to replacing images. Existing items are submitted from the 'Available for Processing' tab, located just below the 'Inside Your Shop' section of your Advanced Image Processing page, or when using Modify Item.

Note: Charter shop discount does not apply to the $.09 AIP portion of the Listing Fees.

My shop is not yet opened, can my images be processed?
Primary item images are processed for shops only after they are opened on Ruby Lane.

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