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30” antique bisque doll by Franz Schmidt of Germany. Beautiful expertly painted doll not easily found. Marked 1253. Marked on her head. Sleep eyes. Her ears are not pierced. The big tag on her was on her when I bought her. Pay no attention to the price. Human hair wig is probably her original. It is full and in great condition. I also have another wig that fits her perfectly and is human hair. You may have your choice of wigs but not both. Bisque is free of cracks, damage or repairs, her clothes are not original. Her underwear is vintage or antique. If not suitable for your tastes you can redress her. The color does go nicely with her coloring. She has all her fingers and toes. I thought this head was a little too big for the body she was on so I took the body from another doll and swapped them. Thus body also has an original finish and the other one was repainted. This one is touched up on the shoulders only. Much nicer body than the repainted one and it also made her a little taller. I did not raise the price. Same as it was before. Beautiful doll for anyone who likes bigger dolls. Ball jointed body in good condition. No odors or smells. Questions? Please ask.

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Antique Franz Schmidt German Doll Ball Joint Body 30”


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