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Offered is a vintage pewter ink well made in Colonial Williamsburg during the mid-twentieth century.
In 1926, the Reverend Dr. William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin, with the financial backing of John D. Rockefeller Jr., began to restore Williamsburg to its original colonial state, starting with the purchase of the historic Ludwell-Paradise House. Today it is one of America’s best restored site highlighting life as it was in Colonial Williamsburg Va. In the ensuing years Williamsburg would partner with companies to authentically reproduce items for sale that focus on the craftsmanship indicative of Williamsburg. Furniture, fabrics, household objects, china, silver etc. are all sold there and on their on-line store. Our pewter ink well is just one example of these. It measures 4.5 inches round x 2 ½ inches wide and weighs less than a pound. It was made and marked in partnership with Steiff Silver. The three feather pens are included.


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Vintage Ink well Colonial Williamsburg 19th c


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