Large 10 inch Vintage Salviati, Rich Ruby Glass Bowl with Aventurine Applique

Ruby glass (by name) first appeared circa's 1630-1703 and was the brainchild of Johann Kunckel, a German chemist who developed the techniques required to produce the remarkable depth of ruby-red, by the additions of gold Chloride into the clear crystal batch.

It should also be noted that the development of this colour type is inarguably the greatest achievement in the realms of coloured glass.

It was an incredibly difficult colour to achieve and many years and timeless hours would have been spent and needed to acquire any level of success. It is only once this glass has been reheated, does the red re-occur, for by just simply adding Gold to a crystal batch will render the glass a very unpleasing muddy-grey colour. Coupled with this,the levels of skill required to blow any glass bowl (even today) one quarter size of the example here offered, and only then can one possibly imagine the problems faced by the un-industrialized Venetian glassworkers of years ago.

I make no false claims here. The ruby glass bowl as I am offering you is without exception, one of the finest & largest examples of vintage ruby glass bowls by Salviati that you are likely to see, in its condition which is mint, and with an incredible diameter of 10 inches makes this beautiful example probably second to none.

There is not one single dent, chip, scratch or the slightest imperfection to this piece.

NONE of the applique has any damage, and the only area of roughness, is to the pontil, as one would expect from free blown glass vessels of its period & factory.

It is an exceptional survivor by any standard. We see many wonderful examples of period glass, which have been afforded with the same applied styling of tweezers-crimped decoration. Much of which has suffered from at least a tiny nick, or missing parts of glass, but with this bowl you truly are spoiled for choice...

Three, marvellous trails of pure crystal, each with aventurine (flecks of Gold) have been meticulously applied at different points around the circumference, which in turn have the quality background of rich-ruby glass.

The result, as you can see, is a glass working accomplishment, seldom found in this condition.

The ruby glass itself has been wrythen patterned, a common feature as used by Salviati, but what a superb feature it is, as it lends itself as a perfect decorative for ruby glass, providing textural pattern and light refraction with instant eye-catching appeal.

Much ruby glass, even that of the same period, can have a 'waxy' appearance when produced without pattern. Wrythen, however provides ruby glass with further dimension, to perfection - if controlled by the glass blower.

The ruby glass of this bowl, having been blown by mouth & formed by hand to an initial required size, was then blown into a diamond quilted mould. Only a glass blower will know the precise time, and whilst the molten glass has not solidified, as to when to remove the glass, and without any amount of twisting or distortion to the quilted pattern so that it remains complete and uniform throughout.

A further heating of the glass was then required, and so back into the furnace this bowl would return, so as to melt the glass back to a working temperature and all of the while without causing any disturbance to the patterned surface, before a final mouth blowing so as to regulate a complete roundness to the bowl, and to provide it with a level base.

Still working upon the base of the bowl, each of the twelve, tweezers/pincer feet were applied, and one by one and with total regularity and space of placement.

Satisfied that the bowl would now stand with perfect horizontal, a second glass worker ("the gatherer") and at the ready, would have attached a pontil rod and with utmost precision to the center of the bowls base, so that the entire remained on perfect axis, whilst the top of the bowl and the aventurine applique could then be fashioned... Almost there :-)

Both the glass blower & the gatherer now worked as one. Each knowing each involvement and both of them totally tuned-in to temperature preciseness & glass control as a working medium.

Whilst the master blower, sat and rotated the bowl (horizontally on its side) the gatherer, now with a further rod (tipped with aventurine crystal) would allow a steady stream of uniformed thickness of this molten glass, to apply around the circumference, above the preformed base...

...Both separate glass types at the same temperature and without a thermometer!

Just two glass minds of genius, working together as one.

A master blower needs to tool this molten glass with speed, paired with preciseness. One gets one chance and one chance only to produce a finished glass item, of this bowls quality.

Please study my photographs to marvel at the genius of hand, which has afforded the glass applique, with an accuracy of vertical spacing, combined with size to each & every element.

The top frill would need to go through the above procedures also as once before, and then? Job done...

It is then the sole responsibility of the annealing oven to do its essential part, during the long and carefully controlled cooling time to anneal such a fabulous piece of glass,to perfection.

This Salviati bowl is unique for you to cherish, and it is available to you here exclusively from my shop.

It is pictured above also, with Salviati candlesticks (of the same period) to provide you with size of scale, and so to show you as best able, this bowl's dynamic dimension. The candlesticks are for display purposes only and have been sold.

Please make no mistake. This bowl is a beauty, in terms of accomplishment using any glass, however coupled with the immediate appeal of c20th Salviati ruby glass, it is a gem of a piece for your collection and its mint condition makes it a very wise investment for the connoisseur.

Top circumference: 31 inches Widest diameter: 10 inches Base diameter: 4.5 inches Height: 4 inches Postage weight: *2k 600g *Postage discounts are available for this item to overseas (outside of Europe) and by request

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