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A large footed bowl and two polyhedra combine in this dynamic piece of fine art. German artist SILVIA ALBU-STANESCU created this ceramic sculptural group in 1988. The focus of her composition is the pedestal bowl that presents as a traditional centrepiece and then morphs into organic form, with edges and angles deliberately off-centre. Albu-Stanescu studied architectural form and plays with it in her sculptures. The straight edges of the polyhedra contrast with the curves of the bowl. At the same time, the lines and colours inside the bowl combine to suggest mirrored windows and walls of city skyscrapers, reflecting and refracting off each other. The artist also experiments with ceramic glazes as a design medium. All surfaces are hand painted in polychrome colours of great depth and variety. Together they provide a kaleidoscope that constantly changes. There are dozens of ways to combine these three pieces revealing unexpected and delightful shifts in point-of-view. This group is challenging to photograph; if you are interested please email for more pictures.

The 20-page catalogue is from Albu-Stanescu's 1989 exhibition in Berlin. It lists (in German) her training and exhibitions with 18 black and white photographs of her work. It also describes her aesthetic and as you handle these pieces you directly experience the sources of her inspiration. Running your fingers over the surfaces feels like touching the glossy, uneven texture of ceramics in the ancient monasteries she loves in Moldavia. Her rich primary colours contain the intensity of remembered Persian and Byzantine mosaics. Watching the play of light change from one plane to the next, as if from water to stone, evokes the architecture of Venice where she studied. And the contrast between the natural beauty of her husband's homeland, Romania, and their living environment of downtown Berlin inspires an ever-changing dialogue between sensual silhouettes and strong angles. You could look into these pieces for hours, a true artistic meditation.

The interior of the bowl is signed by the artist (picture #3). All three objects are in excellent condition. Some tiny nicks to the edges of the bowl and the corner of one polyhedron have been professionally restored to such a high standard that they are no longer visible. Pedestal bowl measures 14.5"/37cm wide across the top x 10"/25cm high. Each polyhedron has six faces and nine edges; the longest edge is 9.75"/25cm and the shortest is 7"/18cm.

Albu-Stanescu was born in East Berlin in 1951 and since 1982 she has worked from her own studio. She has had numerous exhibitions and her works are exhibited in public spaces. She lives in Berlin with her husband and son. For more information and a gallery of her works in porcelain, ceramic and painting see SILVIA ALBU-STANESCU's web site of same name.

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SILVIA ALBU-STANESCU Signed Ceramic Sculpture (3pc) & Catalogue

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