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Caroline's Jewelry with a Past is offering a Margot de Taxco (Margot van Voorhies Carr) sterling silver parure in champleve enamel c. 1955. The necklace and earrings are style number #5357 and called the "Double Scroll" or "Circular Spiral" design. The set features a soft, calm translucent blue enamel on silver. The circular pattern is similar to a vortex and was one of Margot's early artistic interpretations. The centerpiece has two facing spirals in blue enamel on silver. The centerpiece is 2-7/8" wide (maximum dimensions) X 1-7/8" tall (maximum dimensions). The center is a joined pair of spirals. The necklace has 14 enamel links also implemented in the same blue color. Each link is 15/16" long and attached by a flat silver link. The necklace is 14-1/2"+ long. The box style clasp is one of the links of the necklace. The necklace weighs 55.2 grams and is marked "Margot de Taxco" + "Made in Mexico" + "Sterling" + the older Eagle 16 mark. The enamel earrings are 7/8” X 15/16”. They have screw back attachments. The earrings weigh 12.4 grams. One earring is marked “Made in Mexico” + “Sterling” + the older style Eagle 16 mark. The second earring is marked “Margot de Taxco” + “5357”.

Margot van Voorhies Carr, known as Margot de Taxco , was originally from San Francisco and moved to Taxco Mexico in the 1930's. She was married for a time to Antonio Castillos who was a partner in Los Castillo, a prominent silver manufacturer. She did a number of their designs in the late 30's and early 40's. Los Castillo continued to use her designs for a number of years. When she left the marriage and started her own jewelry production about 1948, she began with many of her basic Los Castillo designs and modified them to her own tastes. Enamel pieces were her specialty.

Champleve enamel is produced when cells in the piece are filled with vitreous enamels and then fired to produce rich colors and depths. Each color must be fired at different temperatures to produce the effects desired, so each piece could be fired a number of times. Due to the various enamels and techniques used, there may be wear or discoloration of the enamel in spots. There may be surface scratches on the item. We will note any actual loss of enamel. This piece features Margot de Taxco enameling techniques which will show varying depths of colors that is part of the beauty of these pieces.

The silver content of this piece has been tested using standard accepted testing methods, such as acid testing. The silver is marked "Sterling".

When you own vintage handmade jewelry, you wear a design that is unique and represents the artist's vision. It is made by a skilled craftsman and can have features which are only found in this piece. The jewelry may exhibit the marks of the craftsman. It will not be perfect. The jewelry will show age appropriate tarnish, unless we state otherwise. Due to the various enamels and techniques used, there is some wear or discoloration of the enamel in spots (see photos).

Fine, Signed
Blue, Silver, Turquoise
Baroque, Mid-Century, Modernist, Retro
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Silver, Fine Silver, Mexican Silver

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Delightful Margot de Taxco "Double Scroll" Parure #5357 c. 1955


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