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Exceptional Natural Purple STAR Sapphire Diamond Ring - image 1 of 9

Magnificent! An absolute knock-out, this stunning rare natural purple star sapphire & diamond ring will take your breath away. If you're looking for a conversation piece, look no further than this spectacular vintage find! Retail Replacement Value $15,840.00 CAD ($12,250 USD).

This piece, as a whole is just amazing. Be it the wonderful central star sapphire with its clean, defined asterism, or the glorious 3+ct of diamonds, the awe-factor here is Oscar worthy. The star sapphire, measuring 9.15 x 8.58 x 6.90mm cabochon-cut weighs 5.36ct and emits a luscious deep plum-purple with hints of raspberry and cherry popping in the light. The 6-ray star is quite fine, with straight, sharp parallel needles intersecting at 60 degrees, forming a dazzling asterism that is mostly centered in appearance. Our gemologist's reaction to this beauty was "Now THAT'S a nice star!" In addition to the asterism, the sapphire itself, for a star cabochon, is 'clean' in clarity. Unlike many that are opaque and/or cloudy with no transparency at all, this darling is only slightly 'hazy' for lack of a better word with no jagged growth lines or dark spots visible.

This is NOT a diffused star. Many diffused stars are on the market and their 'stars' are almost always visible and 'white'. Diffusion is a treatment where the surface of the stone has been enhanced with chemicals to make the star more visible. This is NOT treated, so please do no expect a star that is immediately visible in all lighting, white and almost 'painted-on' in appearance as diffused and/or fake stars show. I do not sell diffusion-treated gems. As all NATURAL stars do, the asterism is best visible under a direct source of light, not in low or cloudy lighting, and I've made sure to capture that in my pictures. I used my phone's light as well as overhead fluorescent pot-lights versus general room/incandescent light to show the varying degrees of visibility.

In a ballerina-style layout, the 2 layers of diamonds take this ring to the next level of 'wow'. Set with 18 claw-set round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 0.71ct, and 32 claw-set tapered baguette cut diamonds totaling, 2.55ct, these dazzlers add 3.26ct to the overall carat weight of the ring. The rounds each measure about 2.20mm, with clean VS2 to Si2 clarity and white G-H color, with good cuts. The baguettes range from 3.20 to 4.00mm in length and have excellent VS1 to VS2 clarity, G-H color and good cuts also. You'll see in the appraisal it is mentioned that a few of these baguettes are 'loose'. We've had those diamonds tightened, and have had the rest checked over just in case, so you can disregard that note! She's now in tip-top estate condition, with her spread measuring about 20mm across, and sitting 13.33mm tall on the finger.

If you would like to see a video slide/show of this ring to better see the glitter in that diamond ballerina setting, copy/paste this into your browser:

Quite large in size, sizing won't be an issue should you need it sized down. Currently a size 9 to 91/8 (inner diameter 19.01 to 19.11mm), the electronically-tested (unmarked for gold content) 14kt yellow gold shank has plenty of room for sizing without disturbing the diamonds or sapphire. We can have the ring sized for you if sizing is required. Please always inquire about sizing before placing your order should it be necessary. The only markings on this vintage ring are the numbers '689'. This may be a maker's inventory mark, however, we don't have any other information to go by so your guess is as good as ours!

What more can I say? I'll let the pictures do the rest. The glitter....the glow. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!

Thank you for visiting forEVAgems (Estate, Vintage & Antique). Layaway available - just ask how! Happy Shopping!

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Exceptional Natural Purple STAR Sapphire Diamond Ring


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