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Rare NATURAL Color Fancy Deep Orangy-Pink Diamond Engagement Ring - image 1 of 10

Your choices for fine diamond jewelry are always plentiful when shopping for beautiful diamond rings. However, shopping for rare & unique diamond rings with special gems like unheated sapphires or Alexandrite, or in this case, fancy colored diamonds, is a more difficult task that oftentimes comes with a price tag most of us simply can't afford. At forEVAgems, we love to search for & offer these more rare finds, and today, not only do we have a beautiful ring, but we have a rare, natural and mostly-affordable Fancy Deep Orangy-Pink diamond ring for your consideration!

This sparkling, dazzling display of diamonds comes in an octagonal design, with many glowing white baguette and round diamonds surrounding the rare, petite cushion-cut shaped fancy diamond at its center. This is a NATURAL fancy-colored diamond - not color enhanced or laser-drilled as so many on the market are. Though not a huge diamond at 0.24ct, size is secondary when it comes to fancy diamonds, as their color is what sets them apart in the market first & foremost. This beautiful gem is graded Natural Fancy Deep Orangy-Pink, and to my eyes, almost emits a red glow at times. It is well-saturated, with perfectly eye-clean clarity at Si1, measuring 3.59 x 2.97 x 2.46mm. Securely set within 18kt white gold prongs, the diamond is accented by round brilliant cut diamonds on the North & South ends and then further haloed by many baguette cuts.

Forty in total, with 34 baguettes and 6 round brilliants, these diamonds add an additional 0.80ct to the carat weight, bringing the overall diamond carat weight of the ring to 1.04ct. The baguette diamonds average clean VS - Si clarity, with white G-H color, and the small round diamonds SI2-I1 clarity & G color. It is noted that one of the baguette diamonds has a chip. I cannot locate this chip, so it is only noticeable under magnification, however, we disclose all flaws always for your knowledge, as wear & damage are to be expected in pre-owned pieces.

This vintage ring is well made, weighing 4.20g, and is set within stamped 18kt (750) white gold, with a current appraisal and Retail Replacement Value of $11,550.00 CAD ($8500 USD). Currently the ring is a size 6.50 and sizing should be manageable within a range. Please always inquire about sizing if required before placing your order.

Fancy colored diamonds are wonders of this beautiful world, and finding them in any size is a rarity. Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds mined will be pink in color, with the more deeply saturated gems being that much harder to come by. This one is no exception!

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Estate, Fine
Orange, Pink
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Rare NATURAL Color Fancy Deep Orangy-Pink Diamond Engagement Ring


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