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A first for forEVAgems, today we are offering this gleaming, minty green natural Beryl and diamond ring, set in a dainty diamond studded 18kt white gold mounting. Current Retail Replacement Value $4700.00 CAD ($3500 USD) before tax.

Beryl: The world of Emerald, Aquamarine and Morganite! While we know of those gems for their given names, they all belong to the family of Beryl, a relatively rare mineral that contains significant amounts of Beryllium. Used for numerous industrial purposes, the most popular use of Beryl of course is as a gemstone, with Emerald classed the most valuable form of Beryl, followed by Aquamarine.

What separates the green variety from being classed as 'Emerald' versus 'Green Beryl' you might ask? Quite simply, it primarily has to do with the saturation and tone of 'green'. Per GIA Graduate Gemologist and author Hobart M. King, “To be considered an "emerald," a stone must have a rich, distinct color in the bluish green to green to yellowish green range. If the color is not a rich saturated green, the stone should be called a "green beryl" instead of an "emerald."

In order to properly identify this beauty, we sent it loose to the GIA for their assessment, which came back as Natural Green Beryl. Personally, I'd call it bluish-green – she's a gorgeous water-clean minty hue, quite similar to the bluish-green hues found in Paraiba Tourmaline, but since the GIA calls it green, so shall we. Weighing 2.60ct, she's cut beautifully in a rare round modified brilliant cut, measuring 8.98 x 8.89 x 5.52mm with just slight inclusions (we've taken a super macro photograph of the Beryl because we love inclusion-photography!).

Just as most emeralds are oiled to help improve their typically included nature (known as clarity-enhancement), so too is this green beryl. Oiling is a very common and industry-accepted form of treatment for Beryl gemstones, and one need not be concerned reading 'clarity enhanced' when it comes to oiling.

I LOVE the setting on this: stamped 18kt white gold containing 52 round brilliant cut diamonds, ranging from about 1.02mm to 1.40mm in size for an estimated total carat weight of 0.35ct, this mounting is princess-like and very “engagement ring” perfect! These sparklers average G-H color with clean VS1 to Si2 clarity, and have 'good' cuts. There are diamonds running down the sides of the setting, within the gallery around the beryl and even set into the prongs!

A dainty but strong setting, the ring weighs 2.60g and is currently a US size 5.50 to 5.75 (inner diameter 16.24mm). Sizing will be possible up or down within a range, but please always inquire about sizing before placing your order so we can be certain our jeweler can size to your requirements.

Green diamonds are all the rage these days thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck, but let's be honest, most of us can't afford a real green diamond. Let me tell you though, this round-brilliant Green Beryl is very diamond-like with its gorgeous glow and scintillation, and is certain to bring a few gasps of her own when she sparkles on your finger – for a price far below what even the tiniest of tiny green diamonds would cost you!

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Estate, Fine
Colorless, Green
Round Cut
Beryl, Diamond, White Diamond
21st Century, Wedding & Bridal
5.50 - 5.75
Gold, 18K Gold, White Gold


35% OFF EOY SALE! Bright & Blissful Green Beryl and Diamond Ring


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