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Nature will always take my breath away. There are very few things more impressive to me than the colors found in nature. A stunning Padparadscha-colored rose. The magnificent blue in a butterfly's wings. The vivid color of gemstones mined that have spent millions of years forming below the earth's surface. Gemstones have an undeniable lure to them. How does the earth offer us colors so brilliant, pure and scintillating?

Look at this bursting natural bluish-violet colored Tanzanite. Perfectly saturated, perfectly eye-clean. Gah – we're so lucky to be able to enjoy these wonders of the world (I love gems if you couldn't tell). With a 'very good' emerald-modified step cut, weighing 1.47ct (weighed loose) and measuring 8.40 x 5.40 x 3.84mm, the Tanzanite is eye-clean with only slight inclusions found under magnification. Her color is rich, graded medium-dark, moderately strong, bluish-violet color (GIA bV 6/4). Not too dark, not too light - she's gorgeous! Current Retail Replacement Value $6000.00 CAD ($4300+ USD) before tax.

Set on both sides of the Tanzanite are 3 tapered baguette cut diamonds, 6 in total, measuring from 4.54 x 1.05 x 0.89mm to 4.60 x 1.77 x 1.50mm (depths are estimated due to setting). Combined, these diamonds are estimated to weigh 0.43ct, with excellent F-G color and VS1 to VS2 clarity, and have very good cuts. It is noted by our gemologist that under magnification, one diamond has a 'small' nick. This nick does not affect the integrity of the stone or setting.

Set within a strong 14kt white gold mounting, the mounting is not stamped and was therefore acid-tested to confirm its gold content, as noted in the appraisal. Weighing 4.50g, the ring is currently a petite US size 3.75 (inner diameter 14.54 to 14.57mm). Sizing will be possible, but please always inquire about sizing before placing your order so we can be certain our jeweler can size to your requirements.

The color of royalty, this purple gem is a knockout and wants to be yours! Don't delay!

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Estate, Fine
Blue, Clear, Purple
Emerald Cut
Diamond, White Diamond, Tanzanite
21st Century, Wedding & Bridal
3 5/8 to 3 3/4
Gold, 14K Gold, White Gold


Vivid Violet Natural Tanzanite & Diamond Ring


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