Triple Goddess Earrings in Cognac Amber

We call these Triple Goddess Earrings for the three cycles of women's lives - Maiden, Mother and Crone/Elder. Sitting in beadcaps as they are, the entire creation gives one a sense reminiscent of a stalk of cradled amber flowers. These beautiful earrings bring increasing sizes of deep cognac amber! Each bead sits in Bali silver beadcaps, and are wrapped together, along with shiny corrugated silver rondelles, with silver-plated wire. Hanging 1 1/2" below sterling silver earwires, they are a great size and light enough for almost anyone to wear! As with all of our earrings, these come in ziplock bags to keep tarnish away and have clear soft rubber earnuts to keep them securely in place.

Amber has been used in jewelry for millenia, as it is exceedingly light, soft and easy to carve. The petrified resin of ancient conifers, amber is often shown in museums holding the enclosed bodies of insects which had crawled up the trees and become encased in the sticky resin. You can examine a modern version of amber by burning copal, the incense used in churches throughout South America - or by visiting a forest and breaking off a chunk of hardened pine resin which, by the way, makes an incredible incense to burn on charcoal!

Notably, amber has been so highly prized that one of its names is "Freya's Gold," or "Freya's Tears," from the amber necklace Brisingamen. A Greek myth has amber's source be the tears of the sun nymphs, the Heliads, when their brother Phaeton died. Phaeton was a son of Helios, Elder Greek Sun God, preceding Apollo, and while driving the chariot of his father, he lost control and "was struck down by a thunderbolt from Zeus" [Webster's].

Amber's original name is "Electrum" from the Latin term for the property of electric charges, called such because rubbing amber gives off a charge which will attract bits of paper, raise hair on the arms, and move ash. Try it sometime... true amber will attract tiny pieces of ash or paper. It is also the source of the word "Elektron" or "Elektor" - "beaming sun) [Websters]. Amber comes in a variety of colors and types - butter amber, honey amber, cognac amber, cherry amber, brown amber and even close to black amber. Sometimes it is melted down and reformed into beads of differing types, but it is still Amber. Take care, 'though, not to buy amber with insects in it, for that is truly not only re-formed but fraudulent. Such ambers are museum pieces - not sold on the internet!

Amber is the stone of the Sun or Solar Plexus chakra, strengthening one's will and life force. Metaphysically, amber is protective against negative thoughtforms, and was used in ancient times to ward off negative or ill-meant magic.

Many modern Witches who work with the Great Goddess and Old Gods often wear amber, which is frequently paired with jet. Interestingly, for centuries, jet was called "Witches' Amber." Both are organic in nature, preserved trees, and their colors of golden and black hold Mysteries, as well as being the colors associated with Samhain, or Hallows Eve.

As True jet is actually highly polished lignite coal, and, like amber, it becomes electrically charged if rubbed, and will attract small pieces of ash or paper. Many people try to pass off black glass as jet, but the difference between constructed stones and natural is that the latter become warm after being held in one's hand for a bit; true amber and jet will retain the body's warmth, whereas plastic, glass, etc. will not. Jet became popular in Victorian England after the death of Prince Albert, and was used in what was called "mourning jewelry."

Its color strengthens the Root chakra, the center of physical stability and mundane security, grounding the Sun energy of the Amber with which it is usually paired. There are other mysteries connected with Jet which I cannot fully convey, but some considerations: the Goddess in her Elder face and form; the Horned God, the Stag of the Wood who watches over all life in the forest, and cradles the full Moon in his rack; He who is connected as well with the Crone at Samhain (the common term is Hallowe'en).

Many Wiccan High Priestesses wear the two resins together, also for a reason steeped in the Mysteries of the Craft, deliberately called Mysteries, as the Craft is a Mystery Religion, and works with transcendental experiences which must be undergone firsthand, and really cannot be simplified by common speech.

May the Goddess bring you deeper into the Wisdom of Her unconditional love as you wear these amulets of many of the Witches who walk Her Path.

All of our items are one of a kind, hand-crafted and designed with a true love of the glorious gemstones of Mother Earth. Thank you for looking, and Brightest Blessings!

Lady Pythia and Rowan of WittchDoc Creations

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Gender: Female, Age Group: Adult, Color: Amber, Size: 1.5 inches

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