Turquoise and Crazy Lace Agate in Gold Earrings

Here's a pair of dangle earrings made of turquoise and crazy lace agate, fun shades of blue from sky blue to deep turquoise, with brown, black and white marbling the agate. The earrings are made of large crazy lace agates in a marquis cut, and large turquoise rondelles. They are matched with gold vermeil beadcaps and gold-filled spheres, and hang about 3 inches below your piercing on the gold vermeil earwires.

Agates are believed to eliminate negativity and to stimulate perception and analytical thought. It is a very grounding stone. Chalcedony, according to one source, is said to "promote generosity, benevolence and responsiveness." All chalcedony is a microcrystalline variety of quartz, and includes stones that go by many other names, such as carnelian, JASPERS, bloodstone, and AGATES. One member of the chalcedony family, agate, is formed from long strands of quartz, and tends to be translucent rather than opaque.

Agates (such as these) are quite varied, and often manifest banding, such as those in this item. Used as talismans and amulets for thousands of years, agates are believed to eliminate negativity from one's aura, stimulate creativity and analytical thought. Like jasper, agate is considered a "cooling," receptive, yin stone, considered a helpful aid for balancing an excess of yang or projective energy, and is a very grounding stone.

When you need protection from situations which are overwhelming to the psyche or emotional being, spend some time immersed in the dimensions and multiverses of crazy lace agate. No, it will not make you look as if you just had your face painted, but you might feel as if it had been!

Crazy Lace Agate, like all agates, is protective in that its swirling pattern rebuff negativity because there's no one thing for it to focus on - all is movement, change, movement from physical to spiritual and back again, which allows us to invite joy into our lives with its beautiful colors and soothing yet abstract patterns. Most agates show literal demarcations between colors and layers of colors in the stones, while jaspers are more fuzzy, whole color-mode change and fusion. Negative energy, vampiric tendencies don't' have a way to get their hooks into crazy lace because it never stops moving long enough. However, for the wearer, one can and does find balance and healing when needed.

In addition, crazy lace, as part of the quartz (chalcedony) family, acts on the Crown Chakra, bringing bright universal Light into one's heart and actions. This gorgeous stone, in its original colors of tan, reds, yellows, is so lovely and psychedelically patterned in its natural state. Because of this truly unique part of Mother Earth, over the centuries stone workers found ways to permanently dye some stones, and crazy lace agate is one - so we are fortunate to occasionally find it in purples or blues. When you want to bring some joy and laughter into your life, activate some dormant creativity, try the beauties of crazy lace agate, which will allow you a bit of creative flight while still walking firmly on Mother Earth!

Turquoise is one of the world's most beloved stones, obvious by its abundance in every culture, ancient and modern, on this planet. Colored blue or green by the iron oxide within it, it is a stone sacred to Venus, and to our planet, Gaia. While it bears the sky color of the Throat Chakra, facilitating thought into easier speech, it also is an earthy stone that works to heal and integrate all of the body's energy centers through the greenish ray of the Heart Chakra which is a component of the stones' colors here.

It allows one to stay grounded, but not heavily so - more centered, yet open to the world around us in very creative and spiritual ways. Turquoise, respected as sacred in both ancient as well as new lands, was often considered a sign of wealth and honor, but overall, its solitary uniqueness, and rich beauty is one powerful aspect: for in nature, aside from the plumage of some birds, one almost never sees or finds the color turquoise occur naturally!

As you wear the stone, it gently mends your aura from ragged overextension of your life force, the stresses which pervade all of our lives from the rush and roil of this world and the drive towards perfection which is reiterated everywhere, even calculatedly manipulating us on subconscious levels. Turquoise allows us to be fluid yet connected to the earth, a bit lighter even as the echo of Ancients from many lands who revered this stone work on the Astral with our auras, and strengthens your ability to tap into hidden truths and sacred wisdom. Much of our throat chakra gets ragged from the constant push to never cease communicating, and the human world bombards us with noise and a lack of peace and quiet, let alone personal space. Witness the lack of privacy experienced by anyone who owns a cell phone!

Also, Turquoise is one of the Birthstone for Sagittarius, which lasts from late November until the Winter Solstice, which ushers in Capricorn.

Perhaps turquoise cools off a bit of the Sag tendency to overdo, as this sign is a master or mistress of overextending her/himself in as many possible creative and brilliant directions at once! Jupiter ruling Sagittarius brings a truly magnanimous heart which turquoise vibrates. In addition, Sagittarius and all signs are encouraged by turquoise's subtle nudges to seek metaphysical high spiritual wisdom, and explorations, even if just in the printed word, craving knowledge about all cultures and spiritualities - not just in this world, but in any realm the imagination can fathom.

Wear turquoise, no matter what your sign, to add a flow and ease access to the abundance of creativity within us all - especially we who live in a Quest to find all the wells of knowledge, sacred and mundane, driven as we are from living on this Cusp of the next Age!

All of our items are one of a kind, hand-crafted and designed with a true love of the glorious gemstones of Mother Earth. Thank you for looking, and Brightest Blessings!

Lady Pythia and Rowan of WittchDoc Creations

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