Rose Quartz, Ruby and Morganite Parure Necklace Bracelet Earrings in Gold Vermeil

This parure in pinks has a floral theme! A gorgeous hand-carved rose quartz flower is the centerpiece of the fully beaded necklace, which also features morganite barrels, large and small rose quartz spheres, and delicate deep pink ruby spheres! The beads are complemented by gold-filled beads as well as gold-vermeil beadcaps. Tiny faceted rose quartz rondelles and a gold vermeil clasp finish the 19 inch necklace! The earrings are simple drops of hand-carved rose quartz flowers with another sweet pink ruby as the stamen. The earrings hang 1 1/2 inches below the gold vermeil earwires. The bracelet is a 3-strand cuff bracelet, and the same rubies, rose quartz spheres and morganite barrels are found here, along with gold vermeil beadcaps and a gold-filled clasp. The bracelet is designed for a smallish wrist, but comfortably should fit anyone who measures from 5 1/2 inches to 7 inches around.

A stone of infinite romance, blushing Rose Quartz has been used for its delightful appearance for over 9,000 years!! The lovely pinks in the stone bring to the wearer the powerful yet gentle passion associated most strongly with the Heart Chakra. Rose quartz heightens romance, and heals the wounded heart as well. Always remember that the greatest love must begin with a love for one's self, and rose quartz helps with this as well.

One very important lesson of the Heart chakra, which is the bridge between the physical body and our Spirit Self, is learning to treat ourselves with the same love with which we treat others. Too often we think that our loved ones deserve the very best, and that we really don't matter in the long run. Somehow, it's much easier than believing that we owe ourselves the same treatment and sense of respect we give others.

Rose quartz is a powerful tool for healing a sorrowful heart, or one which needs to learn trust again after being hurt or abandoned as a child. This beautiful stone helps you to treat yourself with the same delicacy and gentleness as you would treat others. Strengthening self-love and care makes all of us better able to love others!

If you need healing for your own heart, the rose will bring it. If you are at a point in your Soul's evolution where it is time for you to share the gift of love you've developed, the rose will attract it. Should you be at many places at once, rose quartz will gently untangle the paths of your journey and your Soul's Work at that time! May the subtle blush of the rose bring its hue to your cheeks, and a smile to your lips!

A side note connected with those who work with rose quartz in love magick: NEVER specify a particular person by name if you are doing magick to draw love to you. That kind of magick does not respect the individual's Will and will turn good magick into chaos. Instead, we suggest that you specify that you wish to draw the right person for YOU into your life! May you be pleasantly surprised by the Soul which the Universe sends your way, in its own time!

Precious ruby has always been and still is a stone of nobility, and is the Birthstone for the sign of Leo. Ancient gemological lore has always noted that the wearing of a ruby will help bring honor to one's Soul! (Ancient magickal lore also suggests that a ruby will darken in the presence of a lie.) Also, because of it being the color of blood, our sometimes visible lifeforce, ruby connects with the heart and love, and is used for emotional, psychological and physical healing.

In addition to its connection with the spine by automatically aligning the Chakras, deep blood red ruby is also a powerful grounding stone. Its partner, sapphire, is also a corundum, like ruby. Note this balance: Sapphire, the indigo blue corundum, connects with the 3rd Eye and the Crown Chakra, while the corundum of the marrow, blood red ruby, is connected with the Root Chakra and the conduit of the Chakras, the entire spine! One could not wear a more all-purpose stone, in the physical realms as well as the Spiritual! However, if you find yourself getting over-amped, remember the dance of the Sun and the Moon, and find your moonstone, and other watery stones to gentle you back into balance.

Rich blood red ruby resonates with the Root Chakra, strengthening one's security on all levels. This high-energy stone brings healing on many levels: Ruby is likely to help one's sexual connections and passions manifest a healthy balance of the unconditional Divine love Energy which infused us all with life and keeps us going!

Pink rubies (or ruby and rose quartz, kunzite, tourmaline, lepidolite, amethyst, and others) help bring romantic love, integrity and devotion to the wearer, enhance generosity, augment positive energies, and bring physical as well as psychic protection for home and children. Pink rubies will inject the pure love of the heart Chakra into those who work with them: can help unevolved souls avoid stooping to meanspiritedness or anything which would shame or humiliate another.

In addition, like kyanite, Ruby aligns the chakras of the wearer, as it is Spiritually connected to the spine, the pathway of the lifeforce energy called Kundalini or Chi in the East. Also, throughout this section, we have examined the assertive, "projecting" or so-called "Masculine" side of each human. If you wear a ruby add a garnet as well! These two together are likely to help make sure that your sexual connections and passions are more than just selfish, hollow acts. Instead, remember that you as a Being incarnated to manifest the unconditional Love which sparked Life within us all with life and continues to feed the flame!

Work with ruby to reap the finest gifts of Leo with it - honor and nobility, and ultimately, often in ways others don't see, Leo at its best sacrifices some short-term pleasures in order to integrate and manifest the richest elements of its polarity - living life ultimately in service to others - the goal of the age of Aquarius.

Working with the Solar stones, whether ruby or other fiery ones, will help to bring out the very best qualities of your own Sun, no matter its sign, for you will find increased vitality and strengthen your links to the spiritual Star at the core of all Being!

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, and it is worth discussing the various members of beryl: white to clear is goshenite; pale blue to pale green is aquamarine; dark green is emerald; golden is heliodor; and light pink to brown is called morganite. The beryl family therefore manifests in all the chakra colors from the solar plexus chakra (heliodore, golden), heart chakra (emerald green), to pale blues of aquamarine at the throat chakra, to goshenite (clear, crown chakra). The stones are very strong, but should not be left out in sunlight as it may lighten the colors quite a bit. Interpreting the meaning of beryl therefore depends upon what color it vibrates at - and how delightful that it is a family of rainbows! And since these morganites are very nearly an exact match to the rose quartz, almost all the properties of rose quartz are found in morganite as well.

All of our items are one of a kind, hand-crafted and designed with a true love of the glorious gemstones of Mother Earth. Thank you for looking, and Brightest Blessings!

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