Multigemstone Earrings: Sapphire, Kyanite, Iolite, Beryl, Amethyst in Glorious Sterling Hoops

We've taken our jewel designs to a whole new level with these earrings. We started with sterling hoops, and added more than 100 microfaceted gems to each hoop: 3 AAA sapphire teardrops in greenish blue hues, 4 AAAA kyanite teardrops, 6 AAAA large aquamarine teardrops, 3 large AAAA amethyst teardrops, as well as nearly 35 of each tiny AA iolite and mixed beryl (goshenite, heliodor, morganite and aquamarine) rondells and 8 AAA larger amethyst rondells. The gems are wrapped with tarnish-proofed silver wire. These glorious gemstone hoops hang on sterling french earwires, about 2 1/2 inches beneath your piercing. Each earring weighs 11 grams - nearly 50 carats of precious and semiprecious gemstones per earring! These are lush, red-carpet worthy earrings made for that special event!

Sapphire is the Indigo Ray stone of the Third or inner Eye chakra. That energy center is two colors, indigo and violet, similar to the dual-color mode of the heart chakra. The indigo Ray is deeply intuitive, and most of what applies to iolites ("water sapphires") applies to genuine sapphires, of course. Midnight blue is calming, and centers us in our psychic sensings. The soothing indigo of sapphire assists the wearer with activating the inner Eye, psychic abilities, and deep wisdom sensing. Opening this Eye to the world allows us to see the beauty amidst the dross, the wonderful lessons that others have to bring, and perhaps what the universe has in store for us as next steps in our evolution as individual Soul-Beings on sacred Mother Earth.

Enjoy the beauty of this rare, gorgeous gemstone... connect to the High Priestess of the tarot and the veiled secrets she whispers!

Kyanite is one of the most beautiful stones of this new aeon, with its color-changing pleochroism. It ranges from deep blue (from the Greek: kyanos, meaning blue) to iridescent aqua-tinged clear. This gorgeous stone brings with it some interesting metaphysical properties - everything from assisting in achieving a meditative state, to dream interpretation, aiding in creativity, and bringing calm amidst the stresses of society. Wear this beautiful stone to align your chakras - the energy centers of your body - and take the time to stroke its silky surfaces, for it is as lovely to the touch as it is to the eye! It safely opens you to Astral influences, and dissolves emotional and intellectual hesitancy which prevent excellent and safe communication with others. It strengthens and protects the aura, and invites a Spiritual high as well as compliments!

Revered for millennia as the "Great Healer" gemstone, amethyst carries with it the gift of opening one to the wisdom of the ages. One source indicates that DaVinci himself believed and wrote that this glorious stone not only aided in intellectual pursuits, but also protected the wearer from harm.

Indeed, amethyst has been one of the most prolific stones used as amulets talismans throughout history! Along with other varieties of quartz, this lovely violet stone is also associated with the world's great spiritual Teachers, especially the Buddha, although one branch of "new age" thought also calls it the "Christ" Ray, after the great Teacher who came 500 years after the Buddha.

Modern metaphysicians and occultists refer to the Violet Ray, as violet is the fastest vibrating color our human eyes can see of the spectrum; the wealth of qualities which amethyst brings includes assisting one in living by right action, helping one to balance out from mental chaos and remain grounded, even in the face of danger, addiction, overwhelming thought forms, with wisdom as the desired and hopefully-attained result. The two stone of the Brow Chakra help one in opening the Crown as well, drawing in highest spiritual vibrations to aid in our quest to become the kind of souls to which our highest selves can aspire.

One thing to keep in mind is that "occult" (from the Latin word for eye), simply means "hidden" or that which is not generally known by the public, but is studied by those who seek the Mysteries.

What a breathtaking stone is aquamarine! This semiprecious gemstone ranges from the totally clear pale blue which is used in rings, to the opaque variety we find in beads and tumbled stones. Aquamarine literally means "blue water." Blues are associated with the throat chakra, the center which allows us to more clearly manifest our thoughts into coherent language. We find tints of green as well as blue in this lovely member of the beryl family, bringing into the mix warmth from the greens of the Heart Chakra.

It is a calming stone as well, bringing water-stillness to overwhelmed minds and hearts. When there is conflict, aquamarine will soothe; when there is worry, aquamarine brings peace of mind and Spirit. Aquamarine is also associated with the gifts of water goddesses, such as Isis, Aphrodite, and Bridghe, bringing the purifying and protective blessings such goddesses impart, and though the stone is a Piscean birthstone, its gifts are available to us all. Singing, writing poetry, being inspired in how one communicates, and refined psychic senses... all are gifts of aquamarine!

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, and it is worth discussing the various members of beryl: white to clear is goshenite; pale blue to pale green is aquamarine; dark green is emerald; golden is heliodore; and light pink to brown is called morganite. The beryl family therefore manifests in all the chakra colors from the solar plexus chakra (heliodor, golden), heart chakra (emerald green), to pale blues of aquamarine at the throat chakra, to goshenite (clear, crown chakra). The stones are very strong, but should not be left out in sunlight as it may lighten the colors quite a bit. Interpreting the meaning of beryl therefore depends upon what color it vibrates at - and how delightful that it is a family of rainbows!

Goshenite is said to encourage truthfulness, solidify strength of purpose in one's actions, and bring more into consciousness those gifts as well as tasks for which we incarnated. Although it seems to be a colorless beryl, it often shows the rainbow effect which the Crown Chakra emits and draws towards it. Remember that Chakras both absorb as well as vibrate out, so when sealing one's Chakras if one has been too "open," don't forget to visualize the blue-white shape to be oval, including the Crown!

Iolite, also called "water sapphire" throughout the world, is a truly gorgeous stone! Hold it up to the light and look through this gem; let the light fall on it from different angles, and you will note that it is naturally pleochroic - viewed from different angles it is violet, blue, or other colors. This lovely gemstone works with the body and aura in the same way its folk namesake does: it is one of the two colors associated with the Third Eye Chakra. The soothing indigo of Iolite assists the wearer with activating the inner Eye, psychic senses, and deep wisdom sensing. Enjoy the beauty of this rare, gorgeous gemstone and the Spirit vibrations it embodies and radiates!

These earrings will be shipped and insured free of charge in a gift box as well as protected in a ziplock back to keep dust and tarnish away, and have clear soft rubber earnuts to keep them securely in place.

All of our items are one of a kind, hand-crafted and designed with a true love of the glorious gemstones of Mother Earth. Thank you for looking, and Brightest Blessings!

Lady Pythia and Rowan of WittchDoc Creations

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