Victoria Ironstone Basket With Blue Village Scene

This fake example is an offset handled pottery basket transfer decorated in blue and white with a village scene. It may be described by some sellers as 'Victorian' era Flow Blue or Flo Blue or called an 'antique' - but this is not an old piece. Though the name 'Victoria' was added to the mark on its base when it was made, this item has nothing to do with that monarch or the Victorian era.

Here are some of the aspects about this item that can help to identify it as a contemporary fake, intended to appeal to collectors of Flow (or Flo) Blue:

1. It is not fully glazed. There are unglazed areas visible on the foot rim. Nearly all authentic blue transfer ware pieces will be fully glazed, since they were intended for actual use. Note the chalky 'new' look to the this area, too. This area should exhibit evidence of wear, if 100 or more years old, but it has none.

2. This piece is pottery, not vitrified stoneware, even though the mark on bottom says, `Ironstone.'

3. The maker's mark is very large. Most old marks are almost never over 1 inch in size (about the size of a quarter).

4. Although the mark on this item looks like the Royal Arms of England, which tends to suggest age and importance, in actuality it is just another rendition of a false mark commonly being placed on recent modern fakes.

This item measures just over 6 and 1/5 inches high.

See the Favorite Links section for a page with information on identifying new 'Flow Blue' marked with 'Ironstone' marks.

Item ID: 2007RP00093

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