Cobalt Blue 'Mayfair' or 'Open Rose' Cracker Jar - Anchor Hocking

This example is a very new reproduction of the Depression pattern 'Mayfair'. This pattern was originally made by the Anchor Hocking Company from 1931 to 1937 and it was probably the most widely distributed. Although there are certain characteristics about the way the new pieces are made that can help a buyer to identify a new pieces, since certain aspects of their construction is different from an authentically old piece, the easiest thing to remember about this specific pattern is that it was never originally produced in dark cobalt blue glass. Only a light ice blue color.

There are many good Depression Glass specific collector websites, as well as good reference books on this collecting niche that can be found in many local libraries. Collectors should try to keep aware of new glass designs being made today that might only appear to be older pieces. Many companies today are making these types of items in an effort to take advantage of high collector demand for antique glassware. Becoming familiar with items currently in production in old-style glass patterns and keeping in mind that an unusual color may mean 'new' not 'rare' can help the buyer to avoid buying a brand new reproduction piece of glass at an 'antique' price.

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