Pair of Antique China Porcelain Hand Painted Staffordshire England Greyhounds

This example includes a mirror image pair of reproduction Staffordshire Greyhounds with prey figurines which, because they are fairly faithful copies of 19th century originals, can easily be mistaken for antiques. These should not be marketed as antique in age, nor would it be particularly difficult to come by a matching pair of these as seen in this listing. Many copies of Staffordshire figurines were manufactured and sold in large numbers during the 20th century, particularly the mid to late 20th century. And they are still being made today in China, even though some marks placed on them say 'Staffordshire'.

This particular set was made in England, but not in the 19th century. Each dog is marked with a red stamped, "Old Staffordshire Ware" mark, which is the main and easiest tell that these are not old. Almost all authentic antique Staffordshire figurines were completely unmarked as to maker and they certainly were not marked 'Staffordshire England'. Many a pottery proudly added the name of the city where their firm was located in their back stamp. But, Staffordshire is not a specific city in England. The term 'Staffordshire Ware,' too, is a 20th century collector designation. Many companies eventually began to take advantage of the world-wide recognition of 'Staffordshire' and they started to incorporate it into their back stamps in order to denote (for truly English-made items) or suggest (for non-English made items) a specific well-known desirability for products made in that area. Including the name of the country of manufacture, too, would also not have been done on antique examples.

It should be noted that some companies in England continue a long history of making these types of figurines. Some are even made from original 19th century molds. But the differences in substance, manufacturing technique, quality, coloring, and decoration can be dramatic between the old and the new. As can be the differences in value.

For these individual items we have loaded images of an original example in order that the viewer can visually compare the differences easily seen between old and new, though made from virtually identical molds.

Also, be sure to see our Favorite Links page for direction to in-depth collector information on Staffordshire figure collecting.

Each example in this pair measures approximately 9 and 1/2 inches tall and 9 and 1/2 inches in length, but other sizes may be available.

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