Antique Peacock Tail Design Stained Glass Lamp

This example is a table lamp with a multi-colored glass shade made in such a way as to simulate the look of old stained glass. Don't be fooled if you see this one being advertised as 'Tiffany Style' or in relation to any number of other famous names, because this lamp is a new fake. It is still currently available brand new at wholesale 'quantity pricing' amounts from a well-known reproduction wholesale supplier. But knowing that it is new (because they bought it directly from that source) won't stop some disreputable folks from afterward advertising this lamp as though 'antique' in age, maybe explaining away the parts of the piece that obviously look modern, like the bulb ports and cord/plug, by saying the lamp has been 'rewired.'

We have listed three different primary images for this lamp design and a few extras of the shade, as well, so the viewer can see how different it can be made to look in pictures on-line, depending on the person selling it. It can look very different when lit. And some may pose it in the midst of real antique furnishings to visually give the subliminal suggestion that the lamp is also an antique, even though the text of their description may actually say no such thing. By listing an item in such a way, if the buyer later complains they thought they were buying an antique lamp the seller can claim in all honesty (or so they think) "But, I never said it was old!"

Take a good look, too at the center portion of the lamp base. Although from a slight distance it may seem to be made of aged metal with a lovely surface (mostly because one would logically expect they were seeing metal, were the item truly old), it is actually wood with a wipe-on stained 'patina'. Even adding in the bit of heaviness in the bottom of the base, taking the weight of the shade into consideration, this is still a top heavy kind of arrangement that seems rather scary. Especially if one were to have a cat who happened to find swatting at the pull chains underneath the lamp to be an enjoyable pastime. But, then, if the lamp were to fall over and the shade be broken this lamp can easily be replaced with another new lamp from the same supplier. No worry here about having one of the few known examples of this lamp in existence and feeling compelled to protect it. Unfortunately, if it were to topple, it could still nail the cat.

There are currently untold thousands of new 'stained glass' items such as lamps on the market today. And most people selling them have no trouble representing them to the buying public as just that - brand new. But we will over time be listing additional examples in this shop of those which can be easily mistaken for authentic antique or vintage stained glass lamps. Using these comparisons as guides it may be possible for buyers and dealers to more easily avoid a costly mistake in purchasing.

This example measures 27 inches tall and has a diameter of approximately 18 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP00084

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