Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Posey Holder Brooch Tussie Mussie

This example is a either a reproduction or a fake, depending on whether or not an authentic original of the exact same design ever existed. Its form is that of a diminutive holder often called a tussie mussie or posey holder. It is made of silver and has a vase portion just large enough to hold a little water and a sprig of flowers or a single large flower.

This type of small silver item often will be found offered for sale as a Victorian period piece, as tussie mussies were popular during the Victorian era. But due to the modern safety catch mechanism on the back being a jewelry feature of a much later time the seller may often feel the need to suggest a repair has been made to add that type of newer catch as a replacement.

The best clue to the contemporary nature of the item is the maker's mark on the back: REO Sterling 925. This identifies it as something made by REO, a company that specializes in silver jewelry, charms and giftware, as well as reproductions of small Victorian silver items like tussie mussies, needle cases, thimble holders, chatelaines, salt spoons, and vinaigrettes. This specific item originally sells new advertised by them as a 'vasepin.'

We have seen the REO mark described as to be read "Reg Sterling 925" or suggested to be a worn, partial mark that is not unreadable, such as "RE" (with other letters so worn away they are no longer present). In the two examples illustrated in this listing the slightly different ways the company's "REO Sterling 925" mark may look can be compared. Its completeness can tend to vary from one example of the same item to another. While design work is carried out in the REO company location here in the US, the actual production work on the items they market is carried out in other countries, offshore. If their mark is somewhat incompletely stamped on an item, then, keep in mind that this is not something that occurred normally, due to constant wearing of the article down through many decades. Logically, this is not the type of item that would tend to see a great deal of day to day wear, anyway. If found, an incomplete stamping of the maker's mark on these types of items would only be a characteristic of hasty manufacture of the product in an overseas factory setting.

This item measures a little over 2 inches tall and it is almost 2 inches across.

Item ID: 2007RP00080

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