Bronze “Broncho Buster” Sculpture by Frederick Remington

This example is not an original "Broncho Buster" sculpture by Fredrick Remington, as titled, but it is instead a common, commercially produced anonymous reproduction of his famous work by that name.

The Frederic Remington Art Museum was the legal owner of the copyrights to Remington's bronze sculptures until 1960, when the copyrights expired. That museum still offers to the public high quality new bronze reproductions of his works for attractive prices. Original Remington bronze sculptures are extremely valuable. So, after all the many years that have passed since the artist's death, authentic originals should be expected to already be residing in museums and important collections.

Rather than perhaps purchase a low quality casting (maybe of pot metal or some other substance colored to look like bronze) from an anonymous maker whose knowledge of, or adherence to, the form of an original work of art may be entirely missing, when a reproduction sculpture will do for decorative purposes it would seem prudent to purchase one from the original holder of the right to produce faithful copies of the artist's original works. Anonymous pieces can at times be nothing more than a copy of a copy - of a copy. Or, in some cases, an out-and-out forgery, a piece never made by the artist, at all, though signed with his name. See our Favorite Links page for more information on the artist Frederick Remington and the museum's offerings.

Since the copyrights expired and Remington's sculpture designs entered the public domain, many different manufacturer's have copied them, as well as made fakes purported to be his works. No later reproduction sculpture made by someone else is accurately identifiable as an original 'by' Frederick Remington (1861-1909). That is because the artist would never have had the opportunity to approve their creation.

Non-authentic bronze works of this type can be easily found in various surface finishes and sizes on today's market. More often than not they will also be found in a modified or a damaged state, as can be seen to be true for this piece, which appears to have an incorrect substance and positioning used for the rope 'bridle.' Note that the quirt which should be present in the rider's right hand is missing and the surface finish appears flat and rather unappealing in contrast to the more lustrous bronze finish that would be offered in a more faithful reproduction of the original sculpture. All original Remington bronzes will bear the mark of the foundry where they were made under the artist's direction, not just his signature. If the foundry mark is not present, you are looking at a later anonymous copy. Always expect a foundry mark to be present on a quality bronze work of art by any artist. This can often be of great use in helping to authenticate a piece.

This item measures 24 inches by 20 inches by 9 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP00079

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