Art Deco Style Lady Riding on a Pig Figurine

This example appears to be an Art Deco period figurine of a lady riding a pig. The back of the pig may be used to hold trinkets, coins, or jewelry. Collectors often seek unusual vintage items and this one certainly seems to look both old and odd. The lady's cloche hat and gloves appear to be proper attire for the time period and her shoes are painted gold, which is appropriate to the manner of decoration often found on old figurines made in pre-WWII Germany.

Even though old German-made whimsical figurines were generally at least marked with incised numbers, if not maker or country name, and there are no marks at all on this piece, it is easy to neglect investigating its authenticity further because this piece is so visually 'neat.' Looking for specific characteristics indicative of age, such as worn gold, evidence of wear on a base or inside an area that surely would have seen use over time, such as the 'trinket well' on this item, oftentimes can seem of small importance if one is immediately 'taken' by an object's uniqueness. The desire to authenticate can be overlooked or overpowered by the urge to quickly buy before someone else sees and buys it first. The maxim, "The time to buy an antique is when you see it." can certainly often hold true, but always following it can result in buying a 'pig in a poke' if one isn't always entirely sure of the authenticity of an item before buying.

This piece seems to be painted in much the same fashion as Art Deco era and older German figurines, some of which were quite bawdy in nature, and that helps the pretense. But this item is not old. This is a brand new product currently sold new by a European company that specializes in misleading fake and fantasy items. The company also sells reproductions made from old, original molds. Their current offerings include porcelains, bronzes and pottery which can be purchased directly from their Web site.

This unmarked figurine measures approximately 8 inches wide, by about 5 and 3/4 inches tall.

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