Matched Pair Decorative Porcelain Urns with Metal Mounts

This example is a set of recently made fake 'antique' urns with metal mounts. The metal used for the mounts is not 'bronze' though they may be found described as such, but rather a type of pot metal. These types of items are often assumed to be 'antique' for several reasons. The metal surfaces seem to be old, thanks to the pseudo 'patina' wiped onto them at the factory; the equally false 'crazing' of the inside surface (also factory produced) suggests extreme age; and because the rather elaborate mark on the base includes a number that appears to be the year date '1896.'

The numbers present in that mark, sometimes identified as a 'Wong Lee' mark, do not refer to the year the pieces were made. This is a contemporary set and such things are readily available. If you want to display these types of items for decorative purposes, that is fine, but they should not be sold under the guise of age or the potential for them to increase in value.

This set and the mark seen on them are the creations of a modern day Chinese manufacturer. A similar mark is used by the same company for items without metal mounts. For those items the numbers '1896' are used in the back stamp, which suggests the numbers also double as item 'type' identifiers for the merchant, as well as being a handy red herring for potential buyers. This mark will never be found on an authentically old pottery or porcelain piece. At least not until after the year 2108.

From the top of the handles, each urn measures approximately 20 1/2 inches high.

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