Porcelain Satsuma Hand Painted Vase of Women on a Boat

This vase is another example of new porcelain and pottery items marked 'Satsuma Made in China' that began to appear a few years ago following a dramatic rise in prices for authentic Satsuma. The decoration depicts women on a boat with flowers and gilt embellishments. This piece lacks the quality is present on authentic Satsuma.

Authentic Satsuma is an entirely Japanese pottery. It was never originally made in China or anywhere else, only Japan. If the mark you see on the bottom of a piece indicates it was made anywhere other than Japan, it cannot be Satsuma. Printing the word 'Satsuma' on the base of an item cannot make it something it is not.

Remember, too, that Satsuma is a type of pottery, not porcelain. If you have a translucent porcelain article, even if the bottom is marked 'Satsuma,' that is not what it is, at all. The body of Satsuma ware (the clay) is a non-translucent pottery which may be buff or creamy colored. This can be observed on the unglazed area of the foot rim. No Chinese-made 'Satsuma' pieces are old. All are modern fakes which, while decorative, have no current collector value.

Measures 12 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches wide

Item ID: 2007RP000568

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