Cobalt Blue Perfume Bottle with Filigree Design

This is another example of a modern day Czech-made jeweled metal filigree and deep blue glass perfume bottle. This example has aurora borealis finish stones set into silver tone metal.

Bottle collectors need to know that companies in the Czech Republic today still use many of the old molds used to make similar bottles in the early 1900's and create the same or very similar jewel-bedecked designs to those made decades ago. They can be found in various colors of glass, with some variance in the applied metal filigree and the jeweled designs. Look for other examples listed in this shop so that additional comparisons can be made to similar products made by this and other companies currently exporting them from the Czech Republic.

This bottle is new, but once the paper label on its base is removed and perhaps the metal filigree is granted a little hand applied 'patina' by an unscrupulous first owner, its newness may not be so obvious. To the next buyer it may very well be presented as much older than it actually is. We provided an image showing the original label attached to illustrate how these types of items look immediately after production, but have obscured the name of the Website where these items are still being sold as of the day of this writing.

This bottle measures 4 1/4 x 3 1/4.

Item ID: 2007RP00053

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