Child-size Limoges Toy Chocolate Pot Cup and Saucer Set

This is another example of a new fantasy hot drink set showing yet another of the spurious Limoges marks of which buyers should beware. Consisting of a toy-sized tall chocolate pot, creamer, covered sugar and six cups and saucers, this particular set is marked with a gold Fleur de lis and Limoges China.

The pattern features panels with hand painted roses alternating with tiny dots on a corseted shape. All pieces have gold trim.

There are characteristics about items on which fake Limoges marks appear that can help to identify them as counterfeits. Always expect true Limoges porcelain to be finely made. This means the body of an article will be thinly potted and translucent. Any hand applied factory decoration would be expertly painted and uniform. Although the fancy design of the pot and creamer in this set may suggest quality at first glance, look closer to spot the sham. The porcelain body is actually somewhat heavy, not finely made, and the decoration is sloppily applied. If ever decorated this badly, old French Limoges would not ever have left the factory. The gold trim is very bright and has no patina, though it has been given the false look of apparent wear when it was applied at the factory. This set looks new - because it is. You could buy a gross of identical sets new from a wholesale source as of the day of this writing.

The pot in this little set is about 5 inches tall and the rest of the pieces are proportionate to it.

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