Limoges Chocolate Pot Cup and Saucer Set

This is an example of a fantasy hot drink set that was conceived and created someplace other than France, though its maker's mark suggests the items were made in Limoges. There are several different spurious Limoges marks of which buyers should beware. The first of these began appearing on the market in the early 1980's. There are characteristics about the items on which they appear that can help to identify them as counterfeits.

Always expect true Limoges porcelain to be finely made. This means the body of an article will be thinly potted and translucent. Any hand applied factory decoration would be expertly painted and uniform. Although the fancy design of the pot and creamer in this set may suggest quality at first glance, if you look closer you can spot the sham. The body of the ware is actually somewhat heavy, not finely made, and the decoration is sloppily applied in a haphazard manner. If ever decorated this badly, old French Limoges would have been smashed and not allowed to be sent to a customer. It would have never left the factory.

The designs of the pieces in this set are all over the map, too. The pot and creamer are high-waisted, with softly sloped angles and smooth sides. There is a drapery effect at the base and their handles are elaborate. But, though the handles of the cups appear similar, if you actually take a moment to compare them to those on the larger pieces it then becomes apparent that they really don't match. The cups also have a sharply angled low waisted base and lobed sides.

Add in the gold encircled pink and blue dot decoration on the rims of the pieces and cut-out heart shapes on the saucers, which seem completely incongruous in relation to either the cups or the pot/creamer designs and this entire set takes on the aspect of a chimera.

As for the mark in blue on the base, the close-up image included illustrates that it actually appears to read, 'Limogee' rather than 'Limoges.' Some collectors suggest the 'P.R.C.' to follow stands for 'Peoples Republic of China.' This is an observation we cannot confirm, but agree is quite likely since that was the country of manufacture. One known host source for these types of items is a reproduction wholesale company in the U.S. and these sets can be purchased new today for a very nominal amount.

Look for these kinds of sets to also arrive bearing the false 'Nippon' or 'RS Prussia' back stamps. See also the similar child's sized set listed in this shop that illustrates another type of deceptive 'Limoges' mark.

The chocolate pot us approximately 10 1/2 inches tall and the creamer 4 1/2 inches.

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