Old Stoneware Crock with Cobalt Flower Decoration

This example is a fake, an item made to appear to be an antique or vintage collectible item, most often with the intent to deceive. This is not an authentic antique American stoneware crock with cobalt decoration, but a modern factory-made hand thrown fake imported from China. An unhappy consequence of any growth in collector interest is the gradually increasing appearance on the market of copies, reproductions and fakes - a less attractive aspect of market economy in action.

For many years, a dedicated band of collectors had kept the flame alight for utilitarian crocks and pots, with steady but often modest prices reflecting a stable but relatively niche market. Within the last twenty five years impostors have infiltrated this market, appearing in auctions, fairs and retail shops. While some are undoubtedly of poorer quality, others are attractive and well-made pots in their own right. See the catalog page from 1990 illustrated in this listing. These pieces have been meeting the demand for creating a retro decorative look, however, inevitably, such items may also re-appear later on the secondary market, where they mingle with older pieces to the confusion of both seller and buyer.

Confirmatory characteristics for the piece we show here include the well-known cataloged shape and design, with internal Albany slip, as well as the presence of glaze smeared across the base and apparent malformation to one 'ear' handle.

Measures 9 inches high, 10 inches across the top and 11 inches across the base.

Item ID: 2007RP000462

Modern Reproductions, Fakes and Fantasies

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