Heart Shaped Limoges Cobalt Blue Trinket Box - P.R.C

This example is a fantasy or fake made to seem, at a glance, to be a fine porcelain article from the Limoges region in France. Its shape is colored in a cobalt background, the center transfer is a romantic motif highlighted with a complimentary gold color pattern. Where Limoges porcelain is concerned, these particular decorative combinations found considerable popularity with collectors during the late 20th century. Because such items were so appealing, many were made. They are still widely collected today and it isn't too difficult today to bring together a fairly nice collection of cobalt glazed French Limoges figural items and boxes.

But, while the item in this listing may mimic French porcelain, and though it is indeed marked "Limoges," it was not made in France. It was actually made in China (P.R.C.), where No 'Limoges' city or region exists. This raises the question, why apply that particular word to an item not actually made in France? The only logical answer would be to try to encourage a mistaken assumption that it was.

If you do not even look at the mark first, you might have already noticed how the body of this piece actually seems thick and heavy, not finely made. It was also poorly glazed, as the glaze is not 'tight' all over, but rough in places. The decoration was obviously applied by factory machinery, and in a rather haphazard manner.

For another item bearing a similar mark see Item ID: 2007RP00050 here in this shop. There are several different spurious Limoges marks of which buyers should beware. Just search this shop for 'Limoges' to see all examples currently available to view here.

Measures 4 inches wide and about 2 inches tall with the lid in place.

Item ID: 2007RP000450

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