Expanding Fan Brass Fireplace Screen

Examples of folding brass fireplace screens like this one are frequently found described as antique in age and said to have 'patina' based solely on the fact that at some point in the past it was actually used for its intended purpose. But this particular item is not old. These are still sold new today through sources that offer fireplace accessories.

The details of the decorative designs provide some good clues to country of recent manufacture. A dancing woman holds an orb while two Dragons snarl at each other on the handle. The base is decorated with scroll designs and grim, mask-like faces.

When viewing the closeup picture of the handle note the excess metal or 'flash' visible inside its decorative scrolls. Even though this item bears no obvious manufacturer's marks, the lack of fine, crisp detail in the casting, the presence of modern screws and the use of modern metal working tools in creating the fan sections easily 'mark' it as being of recent manufacture.

Measures 33 inches tall, 45 inches wide when expanded; 8 inches wide when fan screen section is closed.

Item ID: 2007RP000447

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