Chinese Porcelain And Bronze 1897 Jar

This example is a new fake covered urn on a bronze base. With its decorative base, gently muted colors and crackled glaze it has the look of an Asian antique. But the United Wilson Porcelain Factory is the Hong Kong company that made this item, and they specialize in producing antique metal mounted ceramics that mimic 18th century Chinese porcelain, among other types of goods. They churn out tons of fantasy 'decorator' items like this each year, much of which is for Western consumption.

The crowned mark on the base includes a number suggesting a year date for this piece of '1897.' Unfortunately, many might buy this item because they think that number means it was actually made in that year, like similarly dated 'Wong Lee' company marks which this mark resembles, the '1897' year date is just as fake as the item itself, '1897' does not refer to the year this piece was made. If you were to buy another example of this item brand new tomorrow (and you probably could) it would also sport the same 'year' mark of 1897.

There are so many similarities between items made by the United Wilson company and those marked with dated 'Wong Lee' marks, it is generally presumed all are actually produced by United Wilson. See the Favorite Links page for further information on 20th Century Chinese maker's marks.

Measures 17-1/2 inches tall by 10 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000443

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