Hand Painted Gone With The Wind Glass Lamp Roses

This example is a reproduction table lamp with a glass shade that was hand painted by a modern artisan. When glass shades are expertly decorated, particularly when painted with motifs common to older times like the roses we see here, it can be all to easy to mistake its age. Resellers who may know full well a lamp is modern won't always let that knowledge stop them from advertising it to buyers as if it's an antique. Shame on them. Beware of new lamps, too, that may be posed on antique tables or in the midst of other kinds of real antique furnishings to visually suggest the lamp, too, must be an antique, even when it is not.

The lamp base is metal, very detailed in form, and it has the visual suggestion of aged metal in the gold highlights on the surfaces, the idea is to hint that perhaps it might be bronze. This is an illusion. These kinds of lamp bases are available wholesale, to be matched with various different shade shapes depending on the preference of the wholesale buyer.

Measures 21 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter.

Item ID: 2007RP000439

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