England Three Young Girls Fairing Figurine

This example is a modern reproduction figural 'fairing.' New Staffordshire 'fairing' figurines are made to resemble the quaint, naive look of 19th century originals. Fairings were inexpensive ceramic presents that could be bought or won at local fairs and markets in the 19th century. These figurines often depicted humorous scenes of domestic life and frequently bore on their base a statement that described the scene depicted, or a platitude illustrated by the scene. Fairings have been an extremely popular collectible for many years.

Marked on the bottom with features that help identify it as new, possibly made by a current Staffordshire pottery, the item shown here has a maker's mark on bottom along with the number "1884". The number is not a year date, but something other. Only its modern manufacturer would know what its significance might be. Unfortunately, a novice buyer may mistakenly believe the number stands for the actual year a piece like this was made and mentally grant it unearned value based on their incorrect assumption about its age.

Copies of figural Staffordshire pottery have been manufactured and sold in large numbers throughout the 20th century, particularly the mid to late 20th century. The differences in substance, manufacturing technique, quality, coloring, and decoration can be dramatic between old and new Staffordshire collectibles, but they can also sometimes be very subtle. But make no mistake, the differences between their values are quite dramatic.

See the Favorite Links page for direction to collector specific information on Staffordshire figure collecting, with side-by side examples of various new pieces shown next to their authentically old counterparts.

Measures 4 1/2 inches tall.

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