Kestner JDK 221 Googly Bisque Head Toddler Doll

This is another example of a reproduction of the mold number 221 by J.D.Kestner with impish 'googly' features. The original Kestner marks can be seen on the back of the head, "MADE IN GERMANY J.D.K. 221." These came from the original doll head when the mold was cast. This reproduction head was cast in white bisque and has finely painted lashes and brows, blushed cheeks and a water melon mouth. She also has blue German glass blown eyes, a full curled Blonde wig with soft ringlets, wears a vintage pink print cotton dress with matching hair bow on a jointed papier mache toddler body that can be posed.

If looking at this doll quickly in an auction preview or at an 'estate' sale, a novice buyer might have difficulty identifying it as a modern reproduction. To see another equally problematic rendition of this same Kestner reproduction, with different colored eyes and wig, see item ID: 2007RP000390 here in this shop.

'Googly' dolls have again become popular, and prices for authentically old dolls have risen dramatically. If you collect only older or antique original dolls remember new versions are being made today. Don't be taken in only by a sweet, well painted face on a modern-made reproduction. Skilled crafters can recreate the look of any feature of a vintage or antique doll, including Googly dolls. Many have done exactly that and will continue to do so.

As these types of artist-made reproductions begin to gain some amount of actual age it may become increasingly difficult to differentiate them from the originals they mimic. Especially if dressed in older clothing, as in this example. Clothing and accessories can help hide the fact the doll they accompany is not of the same age. Always ask to examine a collectible doll's body or, if buying online, expect to be shown visible characteristics present on the body that helped the seller identify it as old and authentic. Never be ashamed or afraid to ask questions or to see more pictures, prior to purchasing a doll advertised as 'old.'

Measures 12 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000437

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