Cast Iron White Horse Still Bank

This example is a reproduction cast iron horse still bank. The horse has a slotted screw on one side for opening to retrieve money put through the slot on his back. Like many of the newer 'nostalgic' cast iron toys and banks being made in factories today the surface of this bank has been distressed to achieve an aged look. Newer cast iron 'toys' and banks often have a rough surface under their 'original' paint, as can be seen here.

Also look for the kinds of grinding marks that are made by modern power tools, poor detail, crudely applied paint, modern spray paint decoration, excess metal inside openings and/or sloppy assembly. Reproduction cast iron banks often have individual pieces that don't fit well together. So check for misalignment and gaps at seams where pieces meet. An item may exhibit one, two or three of these characteristics, or every one of them could be present on the same object.

Measures 4 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches long.

Item ID: 2007RP000432

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