Ceramic Little Red Riding Hood Still Coin Bank

This example is a figural fantasy ceramic bank made in the form of Hull Pottery's well known Little Red Riding Hood design. This of course is not a Hull Pottery piece, but a modern fake. Note the two black rubber stoppers on the bottom, a feature that would never have been present on a 1950's piece. Also note the overall light crazing, a feature frequently found on new 'nostalgic' fakes and reproductions.

Original Little Red items were always carefully painted. No matter how small the item expect it to have a life-like face with blue eyes that glance to the side, a well-shaped and discernible nose and well-formed lips. Modern pieces almost invariably have very pale yellow hair blotted with some hasty brown spots or slashes and very little definition for facial features like noses and lips. They also almost always have green eyes that stare hypnotically straight ahead, as seen on this item.

The bank is not marked as to maker, only done in a style similar to Hull pieces. Many new reproductions do carry very good renditions of original Hull Pottery marks, though, so basing a determination of authenticity solely on the fact an item is marked is not reliable. Newer items are fired at low temperature and their bodies are not vitreous in nature. So they can easily be differentiated from the vitrified bodies of original Hull Pottery LRRH pieces.

Many different types of Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) pottery designs began showing up in the collectibles market around the year 2000 and we have showcased quite a few of them already here in this shop. Just search the shop for Red Riding Hood to see other examples.

Measures 7 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000426

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