Griswold Santa Cast Iron - Hello Kiddies - Cake Mold

This example is a reproduction of a figural cast iron Griswold cake mold. Today the original ca 1940's mold is extremely popular with collectors since it crosses over into different collecting arenas. For instance, while its shape gives it obvious appeal for collectors of Christmas memorabilia, the Hello Kiddies Santa mold is also a sort of 'Holy Grail' piece for many collectors of Griswold cast iron kitchen items. Because of its extreme desirability originals are typically respectably priced, so the fact new copies are being made that are capable of taking advantage of the large price gap between real and reproduction shouldn't be a surprise.

The item consists of two pieces which, when joined create a standing form of jolly old Saint Nick, with a 'Hello Kiddies!!' greeting embossed across the bottom of his front half. A side loop says, GRISWOLD MFG. CO., ERIE, PA., but on this example that is a prevarication since it was not in fact made in Pennsylvania, but imported straight from Asia. On the other side two loops are respectively marked, '867' and '868' (signifying front/back) similar to the way an original is marked. But see the information below explaining what to look for in this numbering.

Several identifiers unique to originals are missing in modern copies. Although we have included comparison pictures in this listing, here are some of the unique characteristics of which to be aware:

1. Originals show Santa's tongue in his open mouth. He is, after all, speaking a cheery welcome, "Hello Kiddies!!" Reproductions have no tongue inside the open mouth.

2. Many originals (though not all) were made from a mold with a casting flaw on the side of Santa's toy bag, where to find the flaw is noted in a picture in this listing.

3. Marks on reproductions have lettering that looks uneven and unprofessional. The lettering on this copy is shown side by side with marks on an original.

4. Original side loop numbering shows the 9 underlined to prevent it being accidentally read as a 6, as in '868' instead of '898.' The 9 is not underlined on copies.

5. Like most modern reproduction cast iron items, new copies have a rough surface. What we mean by 'rough surface' can be more easily discerned visually by comparing them side by side. Note the very slick, smooth cast surface of the authentic Santa mold shown in pictures in this listing. New cast iron pieces also frequently have excess metal flash inside details or at edges and may show the grinding marks from cheap, hasty manufacture.

Measures approximately 12 inches tall, 7 inches long, and with the 2 pieces joined it is about 4 1/2 inches deep.

Item ID: 2007RP000424

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